At the modern era of business/marketing, every business organization or a person need to have a website to share information all over the world. And we are here with the best Web Development Service. We offer you a total solution for your website.

Are you looking for a Static & Dynamic or an eCommerce Website? We Provide Best Web Development Service,

Also, you can see our Web development Service Checklist.

Web Development Service


What do we?

Our highly skilled and experienced developer can design or develop any website you wanted. Whether you are looking for exclusive web app developed or a CMS based website, we ByteCode assure you an affordable web design. We develop dynamic, cost-effective, and easy to use websites for companies around the globe. Though our services provide Web Design, we are dedicated to creating a custom web design that will be effective for your online business. ByteCode, a most trusted website designing company, aims at providing world class web design services. Our team of highly qualified and expert professionals has the capability to complete any project efficiently within the stipulated time. The effectiveness of our website design services is sure to build a brand image of your company. We are offering:


  • UI/ UX Design
  • PSD to Responsive HTML
  • Dynamic Website Design/Redesign
  • E-Commerce/ News Paper Website Development.
  • WordPress Site/ Theme Development.
  • Joomla Theme/ Site Development.
  • Monthly Website Maintenance.
  • Website Security Maintenance.

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Technologies we use:

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap, Foundation
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js
  • PHP & MySQL
  • Codeigniter, Laravel, Symfony
  • WordPress, Joomla, Magento

Web Development Service

Our Web Development Service Checklist

We Consider the following factors when planning a new or revised website project.

General Information

  •  Identify the intended URL
  • Describe the concept, product or service base?
  • Identify the primary contacts.
  • Identify your intended launch date for the site.
  • Your budget,

Goals & Objects


i. Identify the main business problem.

ii. Prioritize your primary short-term/long-term online business objectives.

iii.  List any special opportunities or potential problems.

iv. If you plan to generate revenue through this website, identify how that is intended to be done:

  • Asset Sale ( selling physical goods )
  • Usage Fee ( service fee, e.g. FedEx )
  • Subscription Fees—selling a continuous service ( e.g. Hulu Plus )
  • Lending/Leasing/Renting ( e.g. leasing a property )
  • Licensing—intellectual property ( e.g. software )
  • Brokerage Fees—charging for services as an intermediary between two parties (e.g. broker selling stocks or real estate)
  • Advertising—revenue generated by charging fees for advertising ( e.g. advertising as seen on free mobile apps)
  • Additional Considerations
  • Identify any specific eCommerce requirements

Target Audience


i. Map out your intended audiences for the site, including:

  • information about them,
  • your expectations of what they should get out of the site,
  • their motivations for coming to the site,
  • their motivations for choosing to use your services or buy your products. (Doing so can help you identify important content and functionality needed for your website solution.)

ii. Conversely, identify any potentially sensitive areas to downplay or avoid when communicating or dealing with your targeted audiences.



i. Use adjectives to describe the new website’s desired look, feel, and functionality, and how the user should perceive it (e.g. prestigious, informative, friendly, corporate, fun, forward-thinking, innovative, and cutting edge).

ii. How does your organization try to differentiate itself from competitors or alternatives? How do you think your current audience perceives/differentiates your organization vs. the competition in the offline environment? Identify whether you want to maintain that image in your website or change it.

iii. Identify your competitors’ URLs. What do you like and dislike about those websites? What do you feel works well? What improvements could give your site an advantage?
iv.  List the URLs of other relevant websites you find compelling. Identify attributes or functionality of



i. List any organizational graphic standards that need to be followed, providing any written guidelines or examples available.

ii. Identify all visual elements or content that should be utilized for your current marketing materials (logo, color scheme, navigation, naming conventions, etc.).

iii.  Cite examples or analogies of the experience you want for your site visitors, as well as examples or analogies of what you do NOT want your site visitors to experience.

Iv Do you need to accommodate visitors who might have visual impairments that must be addressed with Section 508 compliance?



i.  Outline your vision for the website’s structure/content, including an Information Architecture and the path or direction you want a visitor to take upon visiting the site.

ii. Will the site use existing content? If so, what is the source, has the content been audited, and who is responsible for approval? If not, will you be creating content in-house or using an outside provider?

iii. What percentage of content is ready to “go live” now? What percentage is new, needs to be revised, or needs to be developed? Identify who will be responsible for new content. List any content feeds coming from outside sources (e.g. stock ticker, YouTube videos, etc.).

iv. How often do you intend to update your site, and what will be the nature of those changes? Having a need for frequent, small updates by non-technical personnel can have a significant impact on the web site structural approach you should take.




i.  List any mandatory or primary functionality or technology requirements (e.g. content management, data-driven search, eCommerce, Google Analytics, etc.).

ii. Outline additional desired functionality requirements and whether they are Phase-I or

Phase-II items (e.g. RSS feeds, search, blogs, dated news items/calendar, searchable database, personalization, etc.). Even if those functionalities are not part of the initial website launch, they can impact decisions on the original structural approach and the most efficient technologies for long-term success.

iii. Describe, in detail, any currently used software that needs to be integrated with the new website (e.g., CRM, accounting software, data collection, eCommerce, etc.).

iv. Describe any business application(s) you would like to be developed along with the website, if applicable (e.g. information portal, intranet, document repository, etc.).

v. Identify any existing technology limitations that need to be addressed.




i.  How do most people find out about your existing website? How do you expect them to find out about your new site? Outline strategies for encouraging users to come back to your new site.

ii. Describe how you plan to market your new site—pre-launch, at launch, and beyond.

iii. Do you plan to employ traditional media in concert with your new website? Do you currently use unique URLs and landing pages to track traditional campaigns?

iv. Do you plan to employ online media/advertising coordinated with your new website? Do you currently use online tracking mechanisms for those campaigns as well?

v. Identify other goals or plans for using Web technology to support additional promotional strategies/tactics.

ByteCode develops complex data-driven web applications and websites that reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Our powerful toolset and two decades of hands-on experience provide freedom for non-technical users to manage their updates—including database modifications—quickly and easily. Check Our Portfolio on Themeforest. Portfolio1, Portfolio2

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Mandatory Plugins To Increase WP Website’s Usability.

We Consider 14 Points For Web Development Service

  • Review the themes’ shortcode base before starting the design process
  • Set an accent color for your website
  • Don’t go with any more than a two font-family—ever
  • Use compatible plugins with the theme
  • Check for the copyright status of the photos you use
  • Avoid page-level customisations as much as you can
  • Use pre-loader for complicated layouts
  • Be aware of image size limits
  • Use Javascript-dependent elements in your design wisely
  • Design must be done on Photoshop or Sketch
  • Avoid completely different layouts in your page templates
  • Beware of your theme’s supported grid system
  • Use Headings based on their importance
  • Prepare your images for exporting before sending to developer

To Get Exclusive Web Development Service Visit The Link. For more insight into our process, toolset, and proof of performance, contact: Mahbub Osmane, Executive Officer, at +880 1737 196 111,  or email:  Check Our Portfolio on Themeforest. To get exclusive Web Development Service Please Contact Us.

Various Tools For Web Development Service

We have listed some important web development tools for you, without these tools, you can not think about web development. Also, regularly we use these tools when we provide web development service from ByteCode – Digital Marketing Firm. The lists are given below:


To download & upload file in FTR server, Filezilla is an awesome tool for you. Especially, this software is more helpful for those who are engaged in web development. You can easily upload any file in the server by using it. Download Link

Description: To take & measure screenshot this is an exceptional software. Especially who works on web development, it is more supportive to them. Website link

  • Title: Sublime Text

Editor tool: For web development, the sublime text is a noticeable tool as an editor tool. Sublime text is a python-made cross-platform (Windows, Linux, MacOS) based text & source code editor. Sublimetext can be used in different language such as HTML,CSS,JavaScript,PHP. The last version of the sublime text is sublime text 3. Download link

  • Pixie

Description: You can pick any color from a website & can use it by using pixie. So, while working on opening pixie software, pixie shows the code of areas like HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, HSV.If you press Ctrl+Alt+C  on your keyboard, then that color’s HTML code will be copied. Then you can use this color code in your code as your wish. Website link


  • Firebug

Description: Firebug is an exceptional extension of Mozilla Firefox that is important for web development task. It features built-in JavaScript Debugger that can help web developer to write a script & identify errors in the script. Download link


  • XAMPP- Local web server

Description:    XAMPP is a free & open-source based cross-platform web server. You have to setup XAMPP for PHP coding. It is easy, lightweight aptitude distribution that can make easier testing & developing of a local webserver to the web developer.


XAMPP is cross-platform, so it can work properly on Linux, Mac & Windows.

XAMPP = X(Cross Platform) + Apache + MySQL + PHP + Perl.

MAMP  is mostly for Mac PC.

MAMP = Mac + Apache + MySQL + PHP

LAMP is for Linux. LAMP = Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP


If you set XAMPP, then PHP environ is set up on any platform. All these tasks are same. XAMPP is more famous. For Linux, Mac ,Windows  – XAMPP has a different related version. Moreover, many people use WAMP  as an alternative toXAMPP. It is only for windows.

WAMP = Windows + Apache + MySQL + PHP.

If you use Windows, just install WAMP instead of XAMPP , then you can work on PHP.  Website


  • Web Application- Name: Grammarly

Description: When writing in English, if you use Grammarly, it will show you the wrong ones & instructs you how you can solve it.

So, what do you think, why should we use Grammarly?

In our regular days, we have to use English a lot.But the problem is most f the Bengali people don’t know English properly. And those people who have little knowledge in English, make many mistakes. Spelling error, grammar error and much more. Most of the people are habituated in facebook now. When we posted any status in English, here found grammar & spelling error that brings criticism from friends. Freelancers need to communicate &bid with the client. If you make any mistake in a cover letter, most probably you will be rejected. For this kind of grammar & spelling error, we can use Grammarly.

Grammarly help us in these areas

  • To solve spelling error
  • Check grammar & can solve it
  • Suggest synonymous word
  • Help to re-write
  • Check plagiarism


Grammarly provides both free &premium version.We can easily download a free version of Grammarly.You can see two types of software in a free version.One is for web browser & the other is for MSOffice user.Website


  •  colorzilla

Description:Color Zilla allows to select a color from any webpage and pull the color into any program very easily. You have to select the color and just click it to copy the color.Colorzilla can be installed in Mozilla firefox & Google chrome. It works mostly like Pixie but I think you can easily copy a color code by using color Zilla than pixie. There is a little difference between the two. You can copy the color code in any place of your PC by using pixie. But in color Zilla, you can copy the color only from a webpage. The funny thing is, if you convert any PSD to jpg and save it & then open the browser to copy the color by color Zilla.Website


  • netbeans-code editor.

Advantage: Fast & Smart Code Editing, Easy & Efficient Project Management, The editor supports many languages from Java, C/C++, XML, and HTML, to PHP, Groovy, Javadoc, JavaScript, and JSP. Because the editor is extensible, you can plug in support for many other languages. Website

  • Ccshopper/Placeholder

Description: An alternative image user for a website. If you upload any image to this website, then there will create a new image where a new dimension is generated according to the image site. You can notice here the dimension of the new image.  Website


  •  Optimizilla

Description: you can optimize any image through online by using this website.Website


  •  GTmetrix

Description: This site is used for knowing information on website speed, loading time and optimization related information.Website


  •  Wappalyzer

Description:  Wappalyzer

Basically, it is a browser extension. You can know different website related information by using it.

Those are below:

  • which programming language is used to make the website
  • which framework are used here
  • Which type of CM is used here
  • Which wizet are used
  • What database is used
  • Which server is used
  • Website
  • Download link


  • Window resizer

Description: It is one of the best chrome extension for web development tasks. It will show you how your web template is seen in different size screen. It is mostly used for responsive template designing tasks.

  • Pycharm (IDE)

pycharm is an advance idea for python which is helpful & less time consuming for python & Django framework web development. Everyone can freely use it’s community edition. For students, professional edition is completely free to use. Web address 


  •  Font Comparer

We are mostly confused about the perfect font while working on a website and hesitate to choose the best one which is best for  our website. This tool will help you to see how your word is seen in a different font. Just click on “Get font” & you will your desired font. Weblink


  • Convertcase

Description: A wonderful website from where you can convert any sentence or word to text-transform within a moment. Suppose, Your client give you an article and say that it’s text-transform is not appropriate & order you to arrange the text according to Sentence case, whether in lower case or Capitalized Case!

What will you do? You won’t want to waste 1 hour where it is only 1 min task.If not so, then this website is for you. Besides, in our everyday necessary work, it saves our valuable time

  • Font face ninja browser extension

Description: To know information on a content font, font size, line hide we do inspect element. But if font face ninja browser extension is installed in our browser, then we can easily get each content typographic related information by click on extension icon. Website link

  • Small Business
    $325 ONE TIME
    • Fixed interface design
    • Database integration
    • Unlimited contents
    • None-product online
    • Keyword search
    • Form processors
    • Social links
    • Google map point
    • Form processors
    • Crawling & Fetching by Google
    • Back-end development
    • Intl domain registration
    • Standard web hosting
    • 1 GB Disk space (after one year recurring fee 2$/month)
    • 10 GB monthly bandwidth
    • 20 email accounts
    • unlimited subdomains
    $475 ONE TIME
    • Fixed interface design
    • Database integration
    • Unlimited contents
    • None-product online
    • Keyword search
    • Form processors
    • Social links
    • Google map point
    • Form processors
    • Crawling & Fetching by Google
    • Back-end development
    • Intl domain registration
    • Standard web hosting
    • 5 GB Disk Space (after one year recurring fee 2$/month)
    • 25 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • unlimited email accounts
    • unlimited sub-domains
    $850 ONE TIME
    • Responsive interface design
    • Database integration
    • Unlimited contents
    • Product browsing + order
    • Open & Advanced search
    • Form processors
    • Social links
    • Google map point
    • Form processors
    • Crawling & Fetching by Google
    • Back-end development
    • Intl domain registration
    • Advanced web hosting
    • 8 Gb Disk Space (after one year recurring fee $10/month)
    • 50 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • Unlimited email accounts
    • Unlimited subdomains

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