Should SEO Strategy Be Different For Every Search Engine


Should SEO Strategy Be Different For Every Search Engine?


Is it necessary to take different SEO Strategy for Google, Yahoo & Bing?As we know Yahoo search marketing results are based on Bing, so don’t need to work differently for Yahoo. The algorithms of Bing and Google are similar in many ways. So while optimizing, we should focus 85-90% for Google algorithm and the rest for Bing. But if you can it will be better.

But, we need to know whether it is ethical to block directories from specific search engine with robots.txt and show different versions of the site. But, doable. And each version can be optimized for each search engines.

You have the right to block whatever search engine you want. If it is in separate subdomain or domain, then most of the search engine can’t hold you from granting in ethical issues as well.Sometimes a proper optimization works well with all the search engines.

It makes a good way to concentrate efforts in one place. If you are concentrating in multiple places, then your effort will be tripled. But, you can try if you have the money or the effort is positive worth ROI.

Most of the people just work for Google but if it ranks on Google, most of the time it will rank for Yahoo and Bing too unless they do local SEO.

Google Supply almost 70% Traffic, if any website ranks well on Google for certain keywords that website will also rank for Bing & Yahoo.

When you hear the term “search engine,” I’ll bet the first for Google. It makes sense if you do. With nearly 6 billion searches every single day and over 2 trillion searches in 2013 alone, Google is pretty much a powerhouse.

In sum up we can say, you don’t need to set separated strategy for each search engine. Just focus on Google, which is enough to drive traffic as well as get ranked.

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