If you have outgrown your shared or reseller plan, a VPS is the ideal upgrade. Your VPS will run in it’s own isolated environment and allows you to install your own software or server applications.
Your VPS server comes with it’s own dedicated resources with a guaranteed equal-share of CPU power and a predefined amount of RAM. You are also able to burst up to double your guaranteed RAM.

We don’t cut corners on our hardware here. We custom build all our Managed VPS servers and only use the best components available to ensure that you receive the levels of reliability and stability that we promise.

Control Panel

All our Managed VPSs come with a cPanel/WHM Installed and Configured and we include a license bundled with all our plans at no additional cost. cPanel/WHM makes managing your websites, databases and your server as easy as just a few clicks.

Root Access

We give you complete control over your VPS, should you need to SSH in as root and are geeky enough to navigate linux well. Our Managed VPS comes with cPanel pre-installed and configured but you can still install whatever software you need.


If you need us, we are always here. You can always count on reaching us 24/7. Just give us a call or visit our live chat. We are here for you.

Managed VPS Starter cPanel 2 1024 50 GB 500 GB 10 GB
cPanel VPS 1 cPanel 2 2 GB 75 GB 1 TB 10 GB
cPanel VPS 3 cPanel 4 4GB 100 GB 2 TB 10 GB
$100 BUY NOW
cPanel VPS 4 cpanel 6 6GB 120 GB 5 TB 20 GB
$120 BUY NOW
cPanel VPS 4 cpanel 6 8GB 300 GB 5 TB 20 GB
$150 BUY NOW

Feature of ByteCode Managed VPS

All plans include cPanel control panel, MySQL, Raid 10 Drives, and our 24/7 support team.


Instant Setup

Each server is automatically set up instantly after payment allowing you to instantly to get started configuring your server, day or night.

Control Panel

All our servers are hosted on the industry’s best control panels allowing all users, new and expert to easily manage their servers

Automated Backups

Servers are automatically backed up daily in a off site location. Accidentally delete something? We will restore it for you!

Easy Upgrades

We want to see your server grow, thats why we make it easy for users to instantly upgrade their servers to accommodate more users.

Manage VPS Services

100% Fully Managed

We fully manage all VPS Servers, top to bottom. Making sure every-thing’s running like clockwork, 24 hours per day!

Quality Servers

Our infrastructure is built on Dual Xeon Processors, with 256GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory & 4 x 2TB SAS Drives with Hardware RAID 10 for Speed and Reliability.

cPanel & WHM

Each VPS Server comes with a cPanel and WHM pre-installed. Host multiple sites, and manage easily using cPanel.

Guaranteed Resources

No matter what is happening on the server, each and every VPS is guaranteed the resources stated. We never completely fill or oversell any of our hardware.


Website growing bigger & bigger? Need more resources? You can easily scale up or down VPS’s at any given point in time.

E-Mail, FTP, Databases…

All VPS servers come with FTP, MySQL databases, e-mail accounts, subdomains, server side includes and much more! Plus, we don’t cap these features!

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