Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for Amazon Affiliate Website


Welcome! to series tutorials on Amazon Affiliation. Today an essential topic of Amazon Affiliation will be discussed that is Ultimate Amazon Niche Keyword Guideline. Improper niche selection will cause failures and errors. The irregular implement of niche selection will bring negative outcomes for a long time ever, and all investment would be in vain. So, this part is so sensitive to apply and work. Before going to an extended discussion let’s know about Amazon and the ways of passive income using it. 

What is Amazon?, Inc. is an American electronic commerce company with headquarters in SeattleWashington. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States. Please learn more things about Amazon from Wikipedia. As this is not our topic, we won’t discuss in details about it.

How To Do Passive Income Using Amazon Affiliation? Is it possible, though? If yes, How?

Let’s have a basic idea about Passive Income in brief: Passive income is an income received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Is it possible to do passive income? If possible, how much possible? Learn all these things from these articles: Passive income Article 1, Passive Income Article 2, Passive Income Article 3, Passive Income Article 4.



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 Keynotes of This Article

  • Profitable Amazon Product Selection or Niche Selection.
  •  Main Keyword, Product Keyword, Accessories Keyword and Vertical Keyword Selection.
  • Perfect Use of Keyword Research Tool Long Tail Pro (Platinum) – the best keyword research tool on the market.
  • Authority Site Keyword Research
  • A Good Theme Review for The Niche Site.


Profitable Amazon Product Selection or Niche Selection

  • Does People Buy The Product Instantly? [Best Things To Ask Yourself and Your Friends]
  • Select Product That Doesn’t Require Hours of Research Before Buying [Best Things To Ask Yourself and Your Friends]
  • Product Average Review must be 50+. Otherwise, it shows people buy such product in a very less amount. It would result in less profit for ours.
  • Product price should be $50-500. This range is profitable because the amount of commission for $50 is $3-4 that is minimum, and the commission amount for $500 is $30-40 that is a good price. Product price of above $500 is not suitable because people buy less product from the online source in this price range. Price Range Should be $50-500. It is appropriate for the beginners only. If you have the budget of 10-20,000 for a single site, then you can think beyond this range. But it would be risky for the newbies.

    An essential point is Amazon saves all the cookies only for 24 hours. It means, if any visitor buys any products within 24 hours then you will get the commission otherwise you won’t. So, select the product which people buy quickly without wasting time. For example Haunting Binocular, Pull Up Bar, Baby Toy Stand etc.

  • Which niche should you work? Suggestion for the beginners

Please work with the following categories like

* Home, Garden & Tools  

* Beauty, Health & Grocery  

* Toys, Kids & Baby  

* Sports & Outdoors

In these categories, all the products are evergreen, no burden of commission and conversion rate is higher. Other categories are also workable, but these are friendly for the newbies. Please watch out all category products including sub-categories From Here.

Main Keyword, Product Keyword, Accessories Keyword and Vertical Keyword selection (The following criteria are mandatory for selecting Main Keyword)



i. Monthly Local  Search Volume:  Keep the monthly search volume in the range of 1000-5000. It is profitable to compete with less search volume keywords. Otherwise, the budget should be higher. To check the monthly search volume, please use the Google Keyword Tool as following:

See, My keyword “best pull up bar” contains the search volume of 1600 monthly. It fulfills our criteria.

Evergreen search volume



ii.  Seasonality/Ever Green: This term indicates the equal sales all over the year. A good average amount of sales each month. We can see the search volume is evergreen. Please search this keyword “men winter coats” and you will find a result like the following image:

seasonal search volume

Look at the above picture, some months got more search and some months got less search. It should be better idea having the average sale all over the year equally for continuous passive income. So it would not be a good decision to work with such product.

iii.  Buyer Keywords: One of the best ways to do this is to target “buyer keywords” or keywords that show buyer intent. i.e. that someone is in the phase of being ready to buy and aren’t just browsing or vaguely interested.

 You will get 200+ Buyer Keyword Suggestions from the following Link:

Click HERE to get buyer keywords link

Some Best Buying Keyword Pattern

  • Keyword Structure For Better Conversion
    • Best/Top Rated + Product Name
    • Cheap + Product Name
    • Quality + Product Name
    • Vs/Or/Compared to Product 1 / Product 2
    • Product Name + For Sale
    • Product Name + Review/Reviews
    • Bargain + Product
    • Best + Product Name + Online
    • Best + Product Name + Review
    • Best + Product Name + Year
    • Buy + Product Name
    • Where can i buy + product name
    • Product Name + Coupon


iv. Profitability: I have already discussed it in point 1.

v. Page Authority (PA) – Multiple results have less than 30, minimum 2 (Once you get over 40 – gets pretty competitive)

vi. Juice Page Links – Multiple results with less than 30

To tell about Juice Page Links in a single line:

The main way of acquiring Page Rank is through the acquisition of links from other websites with Page Rank to share. This is where the concept of Link Juice comes from. Link Juice provides a way of illustrating and conceptualizing how Page Rank flows between pages and websites. Read Details Juice Page Links 01 ও Juice Page Links 02 


vii. Weak sites in the top 10 (forums, other niche sites or Affiliate Sites, Q&A sites, Article Directories, YouTube Videos, Yahoo Answers,,  Squidoo pages and other user-generated content, etc.)

Hope, I need not talk about Weak Sites as I have mentioned in brackets.


viii. The title of Page – Does it include the keywords?

When you finalize a keyword, please observe how many sites have the same keyword in titles. Fewer sites, more profits due to less competition. But if more than three sites have same titles then it would be negative for us to compete.


ix. Nice to see Newer Sites: the number of sites in the top 10 results less than one-year-old.


It is a positive sign of having site ranking of below one year. Because, if they can, we can as well. So look for one site among ten sites that have ranked below one year.


x. Domain Authority (DA). Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size. SEO gurus Moz can be credited with the metric known as DA or domain authorityKnow Details. There should be two sites in top 10. DA should be under 30.


xi. Keyword Competitiveness (KC): Keyword competition is the measure of how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword. The competition for a keyword can vary depending on how popular the keyword is and industry competitionThe Ultimate Guide to Keyword Competition

My suggestion is to keep under 30. Search about LTP.



Let’s see some Keyword Selection Example

 Try Yourself

Come up with five keywords that meet the following criteria:

  • 1,500+ monthly searches.
  • $100+ products available
  • At least two results on the first page don’t have exact keyword in the title.
  • At least two results on the first page with PA < 30.
  • At least two results on the first page with Juice Page Links < 30.
  • At least two other niche sites or weak sites on page 1
  • (Optional) KC < 30 according to Long Tail Platinum.
  • Choose your main keyword.
  • Choose 10 secondary keywords.

Please let me know your selected keywords. I will guide you personally to work with your niches.You have some selected keywords. What will do now?

 Product, Accessories, and Vertical Keyword Selection


  • It is the very easy process to select product key. For your homepage, please make a list of 10 or 20 products from Amazon. Of course, select the products those have positive feedback and good price range. Please check an example here: Best Hunting Binocular Review.  You need not think about the search volume in this case.
  • Accessories Keyword selection is same as the Product Keyword. You have to keep in mind the same criteria as product keyword while selection. Check Example: Best Electric Pressure Cooker Accessories
  • Vertical Keyword selection is different than other two discussed above. For example, your product is “Smoothie Blender”. In this case, your vertical keyword should be “Ninja Master Prep Review” having the search volume of 260. We would select this keyword if it searched volume about 10.

Just keep in mind this pattern while selection: Best + Product Type or Product Name + Review, Keyword To Include


Authority Site Keyword Research

Building Authority site there has some difference in authority site keyword research. I am mentioning the main points below:

  1. You should have at least 100 Keywords to start an authority site
  2. Strongly you have to understand your competitor’s keyword research and content strategies.
  3. Take The Preparation For 1-2 years at least.
  4. You Need a detail Content Strategy to incorporate different categories, types of content, linkable assets and social content.
  5. Use 2 Keywords Toll at Least. My suggestion LTP and SEM Rush. Read The Review of LTP and SEM Rush.


How To Research Long Tail Keyword

I use keyword to Research long tail keyword. See the following image

Also, You can use SEMrush. See the Following Image:


See The Competitors On Page Condition

Content-Length: Write more words than your competitor. See Content-Length Tactics Here

Content Format: See Content Formatting Tactics Here

Social signal: See Social Signals Impact On Search Engine Rankings

Multimedia Content: Adding Images, Audio, Video one of the important On-Page SEO Factors

Targeted Keywords: See which keywords you competitors didn’t target. Target That Keywords.

Internal Linking: Do internal linking effective way. It will increase juice value to your site.

 Recommended Tools To Use

I plan on creating full reviews of all of these in the coming months.

  • Resellbiz, Hostgator & BlueHost: Domain and Hosting Provider I’ve been using five years.
  • Long Tail Pro: the best keyword research tool on the market today, hands down.
  • Thrive Themes: beautifully designed themes, like the one you’re reading now.
  • Thrive Content Builder: the content editor that creates beautiful pages, easily.
  • Authority Azon: Best Theme For Amazon.


 Perfect Use of Keyword Tool “Long Tail Pro.”

Initially, Use the Google Keyword Planner Tool and Long Tail Pro Tool. To know details on Long Tail Pro Click  Here. You can watch a latest Video Review by Spencer Haws (owner of the long tail pro )


Paid Theme List which I recommend you

1. Authority Azon

2. Sahifa 

3. Hooray 

4. In Focus by ThriveTheme  

I’ll write the details review + extraordinary feature for Amazon about that themes.

To do  keyword  Research in a Nutshell

  • To select your desired product visit and also the best selling product page:
  • Watch out the categories that you want to work!
  • Make a Category List and Product for promotion and sale.
  • Keep in mind:
  1. Product should be longer lasting

  2. You should have clear knowledge on selected products

  3. You have to do better to promote these products

  • Make sure the product price is minimum $70
  • Selected Product should have relevancy to the Vertical Market (Example: Bicycle – Vertical – Helmet or Accessories)
  • Please watch out the customer reviews while selecting the product. This number should be at least 50 that is the sign of valid number customers who have bought this product.
  • It is not recommended to select most popular and trending products especially the electronic gadgets and products.
  • Try to find out the product that people are desperately seeking for and they are willing to spend dollars on them.
  • Make a product list finally having the categories as discussed before.
  • Better keyword structure for better conversion
  • Please follow the following keyword planning:

Keyword Suggestions:

  • Please analyze these terms:
  • Analyze the keyword competition wisely.
  • Check your product has evergreen search volume or not. Should be evergreen so far.
  • Check your main product is available on Amazon having the price range $100
  • Vertical Keywords should have search volume of 100-500
  • Add more long tail keywords of search volume of 100-500
  • Minimum 1500-5000 search volume. The better range is 2500-3500.
  • You have to make a keyword list that fulfills your all criteria
  1. How Google Functions

  2. Title of your post

  3. PA

  4. PR

  5. E-commerce Test

  6. DA

  7. MozRank

  8. Page

  9. Site Age

  10. Juice Pages

  11. Page Links

  12. Weak Site

  • Make sure your sites have pages titles having the exact keyword that you have planned.
  • Remember, there are a lot of root domains that are really bad.
  • You have to watch out the Weak Sites Ranking like yahoo answers, forums, different niche sites, Squidoo pages, etc.
  • Preferable PageRank is 1 or 0 and preferably low links of juice page is less than equal 30.
  • At least three results should have less than ten juice pages in top 10.
  • At least two pages should have page authority below 30 page in top 10.
  • You should skip when top 10 sites have tremendous e-commerce stores like Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart, etc. It does not matter of worry because Google will look after e-commerce ranking for e-commerce related keywords.
  • You also have to informative sites like different Squidoo pages, how, etc. Look for informative keyword based sites and also the Adsense based sites for better performance and a better amount of sale.


Still in confusion?

watch my Bangla video tutorial about “Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for Amazon Niche Site.”


As I am not an expert guy may be many points are missing. If so, please suggest me in the comment section I will add them for sure. This is my first series writing on any specific topic. Your inspiration will motivate me to write further. You can suggest me next topic as well. Please share if you like so that other can learn something.

This has been a very long post (more than 3,000+ words, if you’ve made it this far). And I don’t want to give off the impression that I think I know everything, or that I came up with these ideas all on my own.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

What is true is that I read TONS of blog content to learn every aspect of my approach. I’m sure I forget some people. I just wanted to give a public THANK YOU to the following people/sites in no particular order. For pumping out all the great content that they do that inspired me to get started on building Amazon niche sites. To know all kind of keyword research read my article How To Do Keyword Research Like A Pro 

Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

Just fill-up the contact form or call us at +88 01716 988 953 or +88 01927 711 980 to get a free consultancy from our expert or you can directly email us at We would be happy to answer you.

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