Do you want to know about the latest most effective SEO tools? Are you a digital marketer and looking for the best SEO tools? If you want to find out most profitable keywords, to research your competitor, to start link building for backlinks and for search engine optimization, this popular and must need tools will help you to do all types of SEO task. On the other hand, I personally use this tools for search engine optimization.

Here I have described 150+ best SEO tools by researching with experts digital marketer. All the tools are very effective and popular for doing the SEO task. If you are a digital marketer or running a digital business or blog, this updated list will help you to manage all types of SEO task very efficiently. Let’s talk in details about the best SEO tools for Digital marketer.

Pro Tips: As it’s a complete list of SEO tools, you have to use it by considering your needs. With this in mind, I’ve divided the whole list into efficient category including Link Building, Technical SEO, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Content Optimization and Backlink Analysis. You can jump for getting your necessary tools and category. I will recommend you to bookmark this post for future use.

Best SEO Tools for Digital Marketer:

These tools are commonly used by the expert’s digital marketer for SEO related task among the world. So, it’s a great chance to get the whole list for digital marketing.

1. JustReachOut

Category: Recommended freemium link building services

Official Website:

Do you want to get backlinks from popular news site including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post or the similar one? You have the only way to find out and make the relationship with the journalist, but doing it is not so easy. Just Reach Out can help you to do this work by manual process easily. It will help you to find out journalism with your niches. It’s very great and easy process to complete the whole process.

2. BuzzStream

If you want to outreach your services among the fellow ones, BuzzStream can help you most. Actually, it is for organized and streamline work for link building and email outreach. Buzzstream can help you to do the work of finding or adding the email address for outreaching and promoting your services.

3. Checks My Links

Building broken links is an effective way to get high quality backlinks. It works very fine when it comes to link building. Checks My links is very popular for broken link building. This is a Google Chrome extension and it checks all the broken links for any web page quickly with just a click.

4. Citations Labs Broken Link Checker

For maximum broken link checker works on the page you visit. But this tool provides more advanced features. You have no need to check the links manually for every page. It will checks the links after searching it with a keyword from the internet. Then you can quickly examine or research with the list and the content type and quality. Similarly, it will provide a great features that how many links are pointing this link. It will surely help you to discover the quality link in the wide range of area. It is very time-consuming process, as you have no need to experiment page by page. Just check where the broken links are staying to get backlink quickly.

5. Citation Labs’ Link Prospector

Citation Labs is a premium tool for finding similar types of websites, blogs, news site, reviews and resource pages. It is very effective to get linkable resource from different places. It can work very fine for link building. On the other hand, it’s defined as new hope for your blog and opportunity finder.


DIBZ is an excellent premium link building tools. It can find all types of resource according to your keyword and niche. You can select more than one keywords and other specific terms for getting actual results. On the other hand, you can choose what types of link you want to build. For example, resource, blogs or forum.

7. Domain Hunter Plus

It is an another free link discovering Google Chrome extension. This tool helps you to get available broken link and if it is possible to register for you also. On the other hand, it provides OpenSiteExplorer data to check more about the websites and link. You will be able to download/export the data in a CSV file.

8. Free Broken Link Checker

It is a free broken link checker online tools. The unique features of its, it can check unlimited number of pages with 404 and dead hyperlinks. On the other hand, it provides SEO suggestion and checks internal and external links to any websites. It can scan sub-domains too. The tools works for PC, mobile or tablet.

9. GroupHigh

GroupHigh is an advanced tools for finding similar blogs or resource for link building. It helps you to outreach your blog very efficiently. You can type your keywords and it will provide you a list of fellow bloggers or influencers in your niche. You can discover them for getting ideas and link building opportunities. You can also make contact with them from this tools.

10. Guest Post Tracker

This is a free and paid guest post services tool for link building. You will not get any PBN or black hat tactics here. They have made a great collection of blogs for guest post services. You can submit and get high quality backlinks from here. They provide all the metrics and sales tracking database for your guest post services.

11. HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

It’s a fantastic idea for getting high quality links from the authors. Can you imagine a link from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Mashable or TIME? It can be super friendly and high quality links for your website, service or blog. How it works? You have to help a reporter via HARO for their recreation from the above list of the journal and they will provide you a quality link and mention for your blog. Is not a fantastic idea?

12. Inky Bee

  • Category: Paid Link Building services
  • Official Website: 

Inky Bee is a paid link building service and it works very fine for filtering bloggers and niche in the particular niche. It can help you to get desired bloggers for your niche. On the other hand, you will be able to sort the list by domain authority and page authority. Especially, it’s a bloggers outreach tool. You can impact your industry by this tool.

13. Authority Spy:

Authority Spy is a paid tool for finding all the top influencers in your niche. It helps to discover the experts in your category by researching on Alltop, Twitter, Followerwonk and different social media and forum.

14. Linkbird

Link bird can help you to research keywords and blogs for making backlinks. On the other hand, it helps to get alert when anyone points your site. It is used for building backlinks and researching content for marketing and link building.

15. Link Miner

Link Miner is one of the favorite tools of mine and it’s very popular for getting broken links freely. The science for getting popularity of this Google chrome extension is it shows you how much link are going out or are coming on the page of your desired link building page. I think it is very popular in this sense. Similarly, it shows receiving and going out links of any page from the SERP of Google. It’s a plus point for you to know your competitor easily for ranking your keywords too.

16. Linkody

Linkody is an alert tools for backlink and it helps to scan the backlink. When you get any new backlink it informs you. On the other hand, it will also provide the quality of the link and more information and stats about his link. It helps you to know if the backlink will be good or will not add any value for you. It also informs you when your competitor gets any backlinks. It will help you to get a backlink for you from the same web master.

17. Linkstant

Linkstant also works as like link alert service. When you will get a new link it will give you a mail. But why is it helpful? You can transfer one link into multiple link. But how? When you will get a link, you can give him thanks. It’ll help you to know a new blogger and it will surely help you to get the link for the next time. It will also help you to manage reputation for instant response.

18. Marie Haynes’ Disavow Blacklist

Do you know if a link is helping or hurting you for SEO? Is it giving you any juice for your website? If you want to know this you can use this tool. After visiting the portal by the above link, you can check and analysis any URL and link, if it is providing you any value or it has been listed to blacklist directory of Mire Haynes. You can check the website for more info.

19. Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a paid link building or blogger outreach tools. It works very fine. When you want to build the link from the New York Times or Forbes, you have to make contact with the journalists or you have to grow personal relationships. Much Rack helps you to do the work very significantly. It will provide you niche-related list of the journalist with their social media profile and updated activities in different channel. Do you need anything more to outreach your blog?

20. Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach helps you to spread your blog among the fellow minded people. It is a great directory of industry leader with regular update. You can get help by filtering your niche and adding them to your list and making outreach with them. It will help you to get pure backlinks from the most powerful influencers.

21. Ontolo

If getting backlink is the daily work of you and creating the link is the primary duty for you. You can take a look of ontolo. It is very reliable and efficient to get the backlink from different sources with daily update. That means it is updating regularly. How to use it? You have to search with your keywords and it will help you to get the desired link from different sources and the tool will show you the opportunities among the list.

22. Outreachr

Outreachr is a paid tool for content marketing and getting links from the authority. When you will enter you keyword, it will show quality article with high possibly link building opportunities. You can promote your content by this list and surely it’s very effective for outreaching your content all over the world.

23. Pitchbox

Pitchbox is a popular and effective outreach tool. When other is providing different clunky links or resource, pitch box will help you to get the most reliable link all the time. You have to enter the keyword and filter them. You will get the social media profiles and other info to make the whole process more outstanding.  

24. Quick URL Opener

Quick URL Opener is a free tool for the digital marketer and it’s very necessary to link building. The benefit of this tool is it can save a lot of links in a place and you can open the link by one click only. It works very fine for HTTP or HTTPS. You can easily control your different types of link from here.

25. Remove’em

Remove’em is a premium level link building tools for digital marketer. It helps to remove links which have been already built. If you get hit by Google Penguin or any other penalty for unnatural link building, then it can help you to remove it very easily. On the other hand, it helps to check any link if it is not good for you. It informs you by checking all the links regularly.

26. Rmoov

Rmoov is very helpful and one of the best essential link removal tools for SEO. It has some premium features including finding out the owner of the blog or automatic link removal template. It will help you to inform them professionally for link removal.

27. ScrapeBox

ScrapeBox is a premium tool for keyword research, link building, and backlink analysis. ScrapeBox describes it as “Swiss army knife of SEO”. It was used for black hat link building purposes. Similarly, you can use it for link building in the white hat methods. You are able to do keyword research and backlink analysis with this tool. On the other hand, you can find contact information for blogging outreach and link prospecting.

28. Siege Media Embed Code Generator

We know infographic is very effective to get automatic backlinks for your website. But how can you help the blogger to provide the embed code to use it for their blog? Yes! “Siege Media Embed Code Generator” is very useful for doing the whole task very easily and it’s a free tool. You can customize the image code from here too. On the other hand, you can get embed code of video too from here.

29. Similar Content Prospecting Tool (SkyRocket)

SkyRocket is a free tool for getting content outreaching idea and resource. This tool helps you to get 120 pages of content similar to your keywords. That means if you search for a keyword, it will provide you 120 pages of content with the possibility of outreaching. Not to mention, the content will be like who has already linked in your keyword or niche. Really mind blowing.

30. Your outreach

This a freemium tools for link building and especially for blogger outreach. It has come to outreach your content or blog with the most effective outreach methods. You can run free SEO campaign and 100+ outreaching is free by this tool.

Technical SEO Tools

1. All in one SEO Tools

It is the main competitor of Yoast SEO tools and it can also do different types of must need work as like Yoast. It has some unique features and it has made the tools more different and outstanding. It can add auto-generated description tags. Similarly, it supports canonical tag and it can block ‘bad boot’. You can use it for optimizing your content.

2. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tool is one of the best SEO tools provides a user-friendly interface to retain multiple websites from one single account. Bing Webmaster Tools has some advanced features in many ways. It offers you many features on your post. This information brings mainly from Bing documentation and some first-hand experience. You can easily add a site by Bing Webmaster Tools. Firstly, log in & then enter the URL from your site’s home page and after that click on “Add” button. Now, you will be directed to a particular screen to enter the basic information and sitemap URL. The Bing Webmaster tool runs like Google Webmaster tools and a valuable SEO’s toolkit. It will give you lot of valuable traffic source in comparison with other tools.

3. Botify

Botify is an SEO tool for site audit and technical SEO. It is very straightforward and user-friendly tool. It offers some important features including site loading speed and clicks depth. On the other hand, it provides HTML errors on your websites with the suggestion. It helps to research for mobile and PC optimization.

4. Bright Local

Bright Local is an SEO tool for multiple SEO tasks. You can track your search ranking, auditions, and NAP. You will be able to audit Google my business for your site. On the other hand, it provides white-label reporting. Similarly, you will be able to monitor online reviews and different types of SEO optimization.

5. Browseo

Browseo is a free tool but provides some important features for SEO. It works as like SEO browser. It helps to know how the search engine like Google sees your website. That means it will provide you with the full HTML code and how the search engine determines a website. It divides the page with the number of words, heading tag, meta tag with internal and external links. Similarly, it provides server response reports.

6. Clusteric

Clustric is an awesome tool for all types SEO research. It can analyze the competitor as well as it provides site audits. You can analysis search visibility, domain visibility and impairing visibility. It will help you to research faster and building link quickly. You can take a look at their website to know their tons of features for SEO.

7. DareBoost

Dare boost is a fantastic tool for checking website performance. It’s a reliable website performance checking tool. You can test your website speed and how you can fix it accurately. On the other hand, it will help you to know website performance from the different category.

8. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl is one of the most comprehensive SEO crawlers in the present digital market. Crawling more than 1,00,000 pages is difficult for any tool. But Deepcrawl allows you to crawl millions of pages. I want to give here an example- If I have a list of 404 pages and want to arrange those on one page, simply I have to copy and paste the link to that page and people will be able to see the 404 pages.  In addition by doing that they will see those pages link and can connect through the links as well as other information. It can detect duplicate content, and you won’t face any problem while crawling on large sites.

9. EasyRedir

Sometimes you will need to redirect some URL to others for the benefit of SEO. You can do it easily by EasyRedit. It’s so so easy for doing the whole job quickly. Just enter the source URL or domain which one you want to redirect. Then give the destination info where you want to redirect the URL. It will show the DNS info also and it will help you to redirect successfully.

10. Forecheck

Forecheck is very effective for staying ranked in the Google or other search engines. It will inform you when a page is going back from the first page or losing rank. It will provide you with an infographic with the full data and why you can lose the rank. You have to go forward with the riskiest factor and it can help you to boost your ranking and staying in the same place or upgrading the rank.

11. Google Analytics

If you want to track your website like millions of other websites, then Google Analytics should be installed. Google Analytics supports you by adding new skills to understand better about web traffic. You can know the process of navigating the GA interface, understanding natively collected data and the importance of digging. Google Analytics data are comprehensive. Through this, you can monitor, prove and see the results of SEO efforts. Your campaigning, link building and changing to an individual site will be reflected in Google Analytics. A marketer needs it badly nowadays.

12. Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer

It’s a free spam killer tool and it helps you to remove spammy referrer on your website from Google analytics. Especially, when you will add your Google analytics to spam killer, it will create options to filter Google analytics and it will find out all the spammy referrer for your site and you can remove it also by this tools. On the other hand, it helps you to get SEO audit freely and cleaning your Google Analytics profile.  

13. Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Google is giving more priority on ranking the mobile friendly or responsive websites. But how will you know if your website is responsive? It’s so easy. Google has launched a tool by considering how they determine a website named Google Mobile-Friendly Test. With this in mind, if you get this tool is showing green signal with proper optimization, you can stay safe.

14. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google is very strict about loading time of your website for ranking. The low-speed website is not okay for the ranking of your website. For this reason, Google has launched a tool for checking it. You can test your website with the most probable solution. It will give you data for optimizing and speeding up of your website.

15. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a Google’s suite of tools to analyze & diagnose data to get a Google-friendly site. Mostly uses SEO tool for getting SEO information about your website from Google directly. It is free for any website. But installing it won’t improve your SEO or any organic traffic. It is a toolset that means you can use Google Search Console to change on your website. It may be a bit difficult to understand. But if you get any chance to take advantage from Google, then why not Google Search Console SEO tool? It can give you an overview of your site from an SEO perspective. It may identify errors. Besides, you can find useful data with backlinks to your site. It can analyze your performance if there’s manual penalties & a bunch of other things.  So, you can connect it with Google Analytics for free SEO data.

16. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML sitemaps is an essential tool for submitting sitemaps into different search engine including Google. It offers you to create an SEO-friendly sitemap for your site. On the other hand, this WordPress plugin will help you to optimize the robots.txt file. You have no need to use this plugin if you are already using the Google XML sitemaps.

17. GTmetrix

You can check the total loading speed and insights of your website by this useful tools. You can also get the same services from Google Pagespeed insights. As it is for Google developer, it gives priority to code. But I will recommend using GTmetrix to know the actual speed and loading time of your website. It also provides the efficient suggestion for boosting up your website in details.

18. HeadMaster SEO

Head Master SEO take care some must need technical SEO terms including 301 redirection, canonical URLs, and robots.txt file. If you want to know how to redirect 301 correctly and how you can set it up by following the rules. Similarly, it offers to check if your robots.txt is blocking any important pages. It also helps you about canonical URLs.

19. Hreflang Tags Generator Tool

Hreflang tags are very effective for regional URLs and SEO. If you want to create Href lang tag very easily you can take the help of Aleyda Solis tools. It helps to generate the tags accurately. If you want to know more about Href lang tag, you can check this Google official announcement.

20. Kill Duplicate

Do you want to sure if anyone is stealing your content? Evil people can do it for optimizing their website. Though they can’t do anything good with this content, it can hamper you for ranking accurately. With this in mind, you can use this tool “Kill Duplicate” for discovering them. It will help you to inform the search engine also.

21. LinkPatrol

Link Patrol is a very effective tool for diagnosing all the links in your site.  It shows you all the external links in your site. It provides you to remove or making the links no-follow. After completing the process, the tools will take care of your link itself. That means, if you need to make any link no-follow or to remove them, you can use Link Patrol.

22. Lipperhey

Lipperhey is an awesome tool for analyzing technical SEO. It can provide you all types of technical SEO analyzing and tips for a long time. Similarly, it offers basic content optimization solution for your site.

23. Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator

Category: Free Technical SEO tools

Official Website:

Map Broker is a helpful tool for checking if your XML sitemap is working accurately for all the pages. It will confirm you have a valid XML sitemap. On the other hand, it’ll test if it is working fine for all the pages.

24. Microdata Generator

Microdata generator helps you to generate the local schema markup in a simple way. It will work very fine if you run a local business and want to do local SEO too. On the other hand, if you are handling local SEO clients, you can also use this tool. The process is very easy. Just add your business information including address, phone number, opening hours etc.

25. OnCrawl

On Crawl is an SEO auditing tool for your website. When most of the tools are providing you the HTML information. On Crawl will provide you information about duplicate content and page depth. It will also provide site performance too. It will provide you daily SEO audit and traffic quality improvements suggestion.

26. Open SEO Stats

  • Category: Free technical SEO and content optimization tools
  • Official Website: Google Chrome link

Open SEO Stats is a Google Chrome extension and it works with one click only with your browser. It is very helpful to get some vital stats about any site instantly. You have no need to open any other tools. Just get all the stats on the existing web page. It also provides information about on-page SEO, page speed, Whois and indexed pages and Alexa ranking too.

27. Penguin Tool

Google users are anxious as their traffic can be affected by any Google Update. The Penguin tool is here to solve this problem. It will show you what was the last Panda or Penguin update. It will also show you full traffic statistics and a correlation between various sites. If you see any data dropping after a major upgrade, you can find it out and get feedback using it. You will also be informed how can you restore from Google’s good graces. But you have to continue your research outside of the tool.

28. Plugin SEO

Plugin SEO is a free technical SEO tool for content optimization. It helps to speed up or fixing your site structure and optimization suggestion. Similarly, it helps to diagnose the page title, heading, images, internal links, meta description or subheading. Mainly, it works differently for site audit in your site.

29. Raven Tools

Raven Tools help you to audit for any website and it provides most of the technical issues to optimize your site. On the other hand, it provides the suggestion for content optimization. Notably, thin content is not good for Google ranking. In this factor Ravel Tools helps you to identify thin content and which content is not good for you.

30. Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool

Referral Ghost Spam Removal Tool is a great tool for identifying spam link pointing your site. A lot of spammy sites including audit site, directory or social button are pointing you without passing link juice for good. If you get hundreds of links as like spammy it’s not good for your site. With this in mind, you should check and clean it and this tool can help you to do the task easily.

31. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Rel Nofollow Checkbox is a free solution for making links no-follow. As you have to refer a lot of sites and it’s necessary to write the resourceful article. But where you are pointing a link, it’s taking some juice from you. For this reason, it needs to make some of them as no-follow and this plugin can help you do the whole work perfectly.

32. Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyser

This is a very helpful tool for analyzing the log file of any sites. Most of the tools of site audit do it by providing some technical errors and suggestion to solve this. On the other hand, it does the same work but it analysis the log files of your site. It helps you to know how popular search engine like Google or Bing is crawling your site or interacting with it.

33. Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is a well-known go-to tool for SEO’s, famous for website crawler. It’s the main objective is to save you time while site auditing. And, that is what it does exactly.While entering a site’s URL, Screaming Frog drags to look the whole site with a depth of info about each page. Within a short time, you will get the report and data so; it must be useful & valuable to you. You will be able to use it on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu and it’s a free licensed tool.Under the free license, you can crawl up to 500 URL. But if you purchase the license, you will be allowed for more URLs to be crawled in addition to few more features.

34. Search Analytics for Sheets

You are not able to see Google search console data after few days or months. It can help you to analysis improvement of your site. But there has no opportunity to do this. For this reason, if you also want to save data for you and use it later, you can use the Search Analytics for Sheets add-on. It is very effective and you will get 90 days of data here. Just add the extension and authorize it with Google Search Console.

35. SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank)

  • Category: Recommended free technical and content optimization tools
  • Official Website: Google Chrome link

WooRank is a free Google Chrome extension for technical SEO and content optimization. It is very helpful for getting the idea for any sites within seconds. It can help you to analysis the basic SEO metrics and info. It also checks if your website is SEO or mobile optimized. It also helps to analysis the competitor site, Facebook’s or Twitter’s data and you can do all the things within your browser.

36. SEO Friendly Images

This is a freemium plugin for optimizing images for SEO. You have to know that it’s very effective to add title or ALT tag for your image. If you forget to add any title or ALT tag for your image, it can help you to add must need title or tag by optimizing according to content. You can set a format to inform the plugins where from it would take the image ALT tag or title.

37. SEO Monitor

SEO monitor is a Google-data based (not provided ) solution that brings back the lost keywords and splits the organic traffic into brand and Non-brand. SEO monitor works as an Automatic Keywords Research tool, as it is able to identify thousands of relevant keywords and provide valuable insights such as SEO difficulty and opportunity to rank in top position. SEO monitor takes the search volume, the difficulty and the rank of each tracked keywords into consideration. The Dashboard offers a summary view of all the monitored websites and is designed to draw the user’s attention to significant SEO performance changes or site errors.

It permits to access as a user with a free account. Some selected features are free, the other is charged.

38. SEO Site Checkup

You can check different types of SEO issues from this paid tools. It provides auditing for your site. It helps to understand your competitors profile. On the other hand, it provides professional SEO monitoring and White-label SEO monitoring. Similarly, it helps to provide valuable data when it needs badly optimization.

39. SEO-Browser

SEO browser is a freemium technical SEO tool for your site optimization. It provides you to see the website in the eyes of search engine. That means it will provide you data how search engines are taking your site.

40. Seobility

If you want to audit your site freely you can use this tool. It’s beneficial for getting massive essential data. It can check meta and on-page SEO for all the pages. On the other hand, it can identify duplicate content. It can also help you to provide important reports and monitoring for your website.

41. Seomator

SEOmator is a premium quality SEO audit tool and it works very fine to detect duplicate content, on page SEO optimization and technical SEO analysis. Similarly, it helps to know the thin content, over optimized thin content including header tag or over using of keywords. It helps to know broken internal links and Canonicalization errors. Simply, it is the proper solution for SEO optimization.

42. SERP metrics

SERP metrics help you to know the ranking algorithm and how it is changing by 30 days. Are your website changing for rank or others are also changing or upgrading at the same time. It provides you 30 days report about the changing system of Google.

43. Simple Htaccess Redirects & Rewrite Generator

  • Category: Free technical SEO tool
  • Official Website: 

You can control your redirection for generating shortcode for the ht-access. It can confuse you most of the time. If you are not more tech savvy, you can take the help of this tool. It can control or redirect www to no-www or the opposite redirection. It can generate redirection for all types of page or HTTP to HTTPS or HTTPS to HTTP too. Generally, it can control all kinds of pages (301/404) or other types of the page to make the whole process easier.

44. Site Analyzer

Site Analyzer is a premium technical SEO and content optimization tool for high-quality site audit. It can scan 100 pages with only $10, but it’s satisfactory when comes to solve the issues. It can check if the website is bearing any duplicate content and if any of them has the indexing problem. On the other hand, it can track the rank or analyze the backlinks quality. Similarly, it helps to analysis the page for on-page SEO.

45. Site Condor

Category: Paid technical SEO tools

Official Website:

It’s an another site audit tools for the digital marketer. It can test potential site issues including broken links or title tag optimization. The tools will recommend you to fix the problem with different optimization. Important to realize, it provides a graph of link distribution of your site. It helps to understand your authority issues and how it can be increased.

46. Siteliner

Siteliner is a freemium tool for checking technical SEO. Basically, it checks duplicate content and broken links from your sites. It provides an exact graph from your total websites and shows how much percentage are the duplicate, unique or universal. It contains the whole list of the data with the link, which helps you to solve the problem.

47. Topvisor

If you want a full audit or rank tracking support, this tool can surely help you. It is also used for keyword research. It checks the title, meta or internal or outbound links from your site. Similarly, it provides a particular solution for the issues and what is the next target of you. Though there has some limitation on the free services of Topvisor.

48. Varvy SEO Tool

It’s a free tool for your site audit. This is very helpful to check according to Google. What Google wants or what likes Google in your site can be monitored by this tool. It reviews technical SEO, if the pages are responsive and if the speed, robots.txt or links in your site are working OKay in the eyes of Google. By considering this, it will provide you information for optimizing it.

49. Webbee SEO Spider Tool

This free tool can provide you details reports for your site’s technical issues. It provides all the issues including keywords optimization, meta tag or schema (microdata), canonical URLs or similar things. It also checks the code of your page. It’s very helpful for on-page optimization and checking the technical health of your website.

50. Website Penalty Indicator

When Google brings any significant update as like Google Panda or Penguin, it can attack your site. You don’t know why your site is down. For this reason, you can use this tool for checking the issues for the penalty and get results with the latest updates. It will help you to get depth insights of your sites and it will help you to take it in the next step.

51. Whitespark

The tool is for local SEO. If you want to do local SEO or if you are working with clients who need local SEO, you should use this tool. This tool helps to track your website considering your location. You can build citation comparing your competitor, you can get more reviews for business indexing and it can help you to track your ranking process and much more for ranking your website in a specific location.

52. Woorank

Woorank can help you to get technical SEO helps and the health of your site. It’s the complete solution for getting your website healthy. Similarly, it can assist you to competitive analysis and similar things.

53. Yoast SEO Plugin

It is a complete WordPress SEO plugin mostly used by users. Here integrates all from a snippet editor and real-time page analysis which coordinates pages content, images titles, meta descriptions, and XML sitemaps. Yoast SEO features keyword and content analysis, Posting title and meta descriptions, meta configuration, Readability checking, Canonical, Breadcrumbs, Permalink cleanup, etc. If you connect it to your WordPress site, you’ll see a section to fill a criteria section to do SEO for your page. Then it will be crawlable by Google. You will see the direction to improve, to change and how your content is looking for optimal results. So, you have to follow the guidelines to increase the On-page SEO. 

54. Zadroweb SEO Auditor

Zadroweb is an exclusive tool for free SEO audit. It checks domain and page authority of the sites according to MOZ and provides Google page speed according to Google speed tools. On the other hand, it checks technical SEO issues (Sitemaps and robots.txt) and similar things which are very necessary to optimize your sites.

Keyword Research Tools

1. AdWord & SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

Do you want to get a bunch of new keywords idea? Yes! It’s possible. You can get a lot of keywords suggestion by this tool. Just write your similar keywords and see how this tool is making it with eye catching combination. Actually, permutations of keywords are not so easy, but it can help you to generate idea easily.

2. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a great tool for generating the appropriate question of the keywords. When you have got any keywords, but you are not sure how you can ask by this keywords. This free tool can help you according to Google. You can filter the location also to get location targeted question. It’s very efficient and provides different types of the question with the keyword. It can surely help you to distribute the keywords perfectly.

3. FAQfox

FAQfox is a tool to generate question or keywords from a particular website. If you want to know what types of question or keywords are using a website for a specific website or blog, you can search it by FAQfox and it will show you all kinds of questions according to your keywords. It can reduce your time without manual searching.

4. FreshKey

If you are trying to get unlimited keyword ideas, you can use this premium tool. It can generate a lot of quality keyword ideas by scraping Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay or similar kinds of places. It provides satisfactory keyword suggestion and it helps to generate your new ideas too. It has no monthly subscription fee like others. It will take one time fee $49 and you can use it as your wish.

5. Google Correlate

Google Correlate is a free tool for getting group keyword ideas from Google. That means google will show you a group of the keyword which is searched most of the time. It can help you to generate ideas for getting similar keywords. For example, you are searching by writing travel and it will show cheap travel or travel guide ETC and it’s very similar to your keywords and people are searching also.

6. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most reliable and popular keyword research tool. No tool can’t give more specific data than GKP. It’s a great discovery of Google. You can get hundreds of keyword ideas with competition score and search volumes. Similarly, it will show you a graph of search history by the times. If you want to get the most probable keyword ideas it’s a must need tool for everyone. You can easily choose to get buying keywords from here, as it has been developed for the advertisers.

7. Google Location Changer (SERPs)

Google Location Changer by SERPs is an innovative and helpful tool who is working by targeting a specific location. For example, you are targeting Florida as your keywords and products, you can track search results of that places. Mainly, the tool is very useful for Local SEO. If you are not staying there, you can also rank your keywords on that location by researching and doing local SEO.

8. Google Trends

Google Trends is an another keyword research tool for getting evergreen keyword ideas. I never work with keywords without checking here. Google Trends mainly shows the popularity of keywords from different times and if you see the trends are going backward, you should skip the keywords or if you see the keywords volume are increasing, you can pick the keywords for researching more. Similarly, it shows similar keywords ideas which are also important for finding a profitable keyword.

9. GrepWords

GrepWords is a tool to know specific keywords with question scrapper. It helps to choose a keyword which will be popular after some period. You can tell it event keywords. Though you will get all types of keyword suggestion from here. But its specialty is tracking an event. Suppose, you are trying to promote gift card, but which keyword can help you to bring more sell in the Christmas or Halloween. Really amazing!

10. HitTail

HitTail is very helpful to get buying keywords and getting huge keyword ideas. It helps mainly by providing money keywords and high traffic keywords too. On the other hand, it provides a lot of keyword suggestion which is very satisfactory. You can get huge new keywords ideas from here.

11. Bulk Keyword Generator

If you are working with Local SEO, this amazing tool can help you most. It’s an amazing tool for getting keyword ideas for your local clients. For example, if you are targeting TV on Florida. It will give you ideas following search results of Floria depending on TV keywords. It can surely help you to get new keyword ideas for your local clients.

12. iSpionage

iSpionage is an amazing tool for researching keywords following your competitor. You can research your competitor’s keywords and ranking algorithm by this tool. If you are working with PPC campaign, this tool can surely help you. It provides exact data for keywords comparing the keywords with competitor according to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

13. Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a cool tool for getting huge keyword ideas within short times. It can help you to get similar keywords and you can get a lot of new keyword ideas. It can help you to get money or high traffic keywords according to Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It’s Giants keyword research tool with free.

14. Keyword Eye

This is an innovative keyword research tool with a bunch of keywords. It helps you to get keywords with the different color. This color indicates the competition or high search volume according to Google Adwords. It can surely help to see all the keywords in a place and getting profitable keywords easily.

15. Keyword Revealer

Keyword Revealer is an awesome tool which I’m also using for getting most profitable keywords. It shows different keyword ideas in a tree view by dividing into the category. On the other hand, it shows keyword competition and difficulty to choose a keyword for your blog. If you are working with niche blogging, it can also help you to choose a profitable and low competitive keyword easily.

16. Keyword Snatcher

It’s one of the best keyword research tools in the market. It provides you to control which search engine or places do you want to get results including Google, Yahoo, Bing or Amazon. You can also control the location. It provides actual results for getting most probable results most of the time. One problem, it can’t show exact results of the searcher. But when you are able to find profitable keywords, you can check it from Keyword Planner.

17. Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator is very effective for getting keyword ideas according to Google, Yahoo, Bing or YouTube. One of the great features, you can find keyword for Google or Amazon specifically. On the other hand, it has added new features for YouTube keyword research and it’s an innovative idea, as YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.

18. Keyworddit

It’s a free keyword research tool for getting a lot of keywords ideas. It provides results by following Google. It also provides monthly search volume of the keywords. On the other hand, it tracks the keyword of Reddit. For this reason, you can get some exceptional keyword ideas too from Keyworddit.  

19. KeywordIn

KeywordIn can help you to get a lot of new keyword ideas and you can search it on Google Keyword Planner to get the search results. It’s very effective to generate keyword phrase by adding the modifier and it will show you keyword in their format.

20. Keywords Everywhere

Do you want to generate keywords every where on the web? Keywords Everywhere show keywords every where it gets the keyword on the web. I’m very much fan of KE. It’s actually a Google Chrome Extension (You will get Firefox add ons too). It will provide you keywords search volume and keyword competition everywhere on the web according to Google Keyword Planner.

21. KeywordSpy

Keyword Spy works as like SEMrush and it provides keyword research and helps to find profitable keywords ideas. Similarly, it helps to analysis the competitor to get their overview and if you can compete with them. You will be able to research and build a profitable list of the keyword by this innovative tool.


If you are a business owner or online marketer, then you would like to see more people visit your website. Keyword tool will help you to make this task easier. Among recent tools, is one of the relevant keyword tools among marketers. It helps you to get 750 long tail keyword suggestions looks like your root keyword. The ranking is based on people’s searching number. This swift search makes your job easier by finding out some extra keywords based on your content. You can use it both for finding long & rich content ideas.


  • Category: Freemium Keyword Research Tools
  • Official Website:

You can use it as the alternative of Google Keyword Planner. As like Google, it provides keyword suggestion and competition score. On the other hand, it also provides search volume and CPC. You will also get first-page ranking websites with the stats. The most amazing things, you will get the difficulty score of the keywords here. I think it’s more than GKP for free research. Though there has some limitation for daily research when using freely.

24. Long Tail Pro

You can choose Long Tail Pro, keyword research software, to generate more than 800 keywords collecting data from Google keyword tool. It will allow you to bring about hundreds or thousands of keywords within minutes based on root keywords at once. Freely visit Long Tail Pro Software Page to read on the benefits and features of Long Tail Pro. In this day, a lot of keyword research tools are available, but the biggest benefit of Long Tail Pro is to search for different types of keywords at once. You don’t need to waste your time by searching every option individually. Just fix in your ‘seed’ keywords all at once, and it is ready to work.

25. Power Suggest Pro

A very good keyword research tools in the desktop environment. If you enter a keyword here, it’ll provide you lot of ideas according to Google and Wikipedia. On the other hand, it provides some common terms including “Best…product, How to solve…”. Especially, not so good to get a lot of keyword ideas in a place.

26. SECockpit

If you are using any other keyword research tool, it provides you keyword suggestion, competition score or search volume. But SECockpit is different than this common things. It can filter low competitive keywords for you. On the other hand, it can provide you most profitable and competitive keywords for you. It will show you the first page results from Google, Amazon, and YouTube. Overall it’s a nice tool for tracking rank and doing research.

27. Seed Keywords

It’s very easy to use. While starting, it will provide you some great keyword ideas & will try to establish search terms. It’s an excellent free tool for research areas. It is different from others. You can see that other tools suggest links based on search data while Seed Keywords ask you it directly. Using this, you can create a scenario if someone searches for your product. You can research keyword based phrase, page or according to product category. Sometimes keyword research may need human element, and you may have asked it to your consumer audience to know how they search for something. Seed Keywords would help you to create a survey and give you that feedback.

28. SEMrush

SEMrush is a software research suite mostly used by digital marketers & PPC specialists, designed to provide businesses related data to inform marketing and business decisions. If you want to operate a business via the internet, SEMrush will make the job easier by researching the market and competition.

Contemporary Digital marketers use SEMrush to justify marketing strategies and to back up the decision with the data provided by SEMrush.

You can report back to clients about the results of their PPC and SEO campaigns by link building progress. If you are a PPC specialist SEMrush is perfect for you as it allows unlimited research and competitor analysis to plan and track performance campaigns. You will be able to analyze trends based on the data provided by SEMrush.

29. Free SEO Tools

SEO Book offers different types of SEO tools, but Keyword research is very reliable for getting keyword suggestion. It provides keyword suggestion with monthly and daily search volume.


SERP IQ provides most updated results, and it’s very reliable than others.

31. SERPStat

SERPStat provides a lot of unique features than anyone, and it gives the automatic suggestion for the keyword and searches terms.

32. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is very reliable to analysis the competitor and getting overall keyword ideas and search volume easily.

33. Soovle

Soovle is a free keyword research tool for getting helpful keyword analysis according to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

34. SpyFu

SpyFu is a favorite SEO tool for doing keyword research and PPC research.

35. StoryBase

StoryBase is freemium long tail keyword research tool for getting innovative keywords according to Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

36. Suggestion Keyword Finder

SKF can help you to get some unique and unused keyword with search volume.

37. TermExplorer

  • Category: Paid Keyword Research Tool
  • Official Website:

It can provide you thousands of keyword ideas with search volume.

38. UberSuggest

UberSuggest can help you to get most reliable keywords after Google, and it can provide you automatic data. You can also research YouTube from here.

39. Webtexttool

It’s an amazing tool for getting keyword ideas with profitable search volume and keywords.

40. Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tools

The tools are for Google AdWords, but it has some innovative tools for keywords research and competition analyzing.

41. WordTracker

WordTracker can help you to get long tail keywords which can’t be found from Google Keyword Planner.

42. Wordtracker Scout

WordTracker Scout is a chrome extension for keyword research. If you want to take keyword ideas from an existing page, just click on the extension icon and see how many keywords it can find out.

43. YTCockpit

  • Category: Recommended paid keyword research and content optimization tools
  • Official Website:

YTCockpit is a YouTube keyword research tool, and it helps by analyzing the keyword of the video. It can also provide you stats about the likes, comments and sharing info of the video. On the other hand, it can also show the view and subscribers of the channel.

44. WayBack Machine

This tool is incredibly simple to use. It has three major use- researching older links, tracking website modifications & using archived pages. 455 billion web pages are currently archived by the Wayback Machine, so it has proved it’s a quality SEO Tool.

If you want to use way back machine, you have to surf to and then type the Internet address on the provided search box. You can see any versions of the Web site close in your Internet address that is archived will come in a chronological list.  Then, select the version or date as your desire.  The archived version of that Web site on specific dates will appear, and you will be able to see the review.

It is a license free tool and very useful too.

45. Wikipedia Link

  • Catagory: Free Backlink Analysis Tool
  • Official Website:

Wikipedia is the most authoritative website on the internet that makes Wikipedia link which is important for SEO. If you can create backlinks from Wikipedia to your website most probably, you’ll get relaxation. Wikipedia link gives you links from different authoritative sites, high-quality traffic. If you want to get authoritative links continuously which brings new traffic & many links, then Wikipedia link is the right place for you. WikiGrabber made Wikipedia Link Building tactics a lot easier.

Rank Tracking Tools

1. Advanced Web Ranking

It’s one of the best rank tracking tools and it provides keyword research services. It works fine for site auditing also. Similarly, it provides data by combining SEMrush and Authority Labs.

2. Agency Analytics

It’s a reporting tool and it helps to get daily or weekly reports to track SEO and social media of your sites. It provides data from Google analytics, YouTube, Twitter or other search engines.  

3. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is a must need tool who works with Amazon. It helps you to track the ranking of your Amazon page. Similarly, it provides on-page optimization of Amazon by checking reviews and images.

4. Authority Labs

Authority labs is an impressive rank tracking tool. It can track 250+ keyword in the basic package only but it’s enough for small or medium types of business. It also helps to know about Local tracking of Google plus results and it’s helpful for local SEO.

5. GeoRanker

GeoRanker helps you to know local search ranking. Most of the rank tracking tool is not able to provide exact data for local rank. But if you use GeoRanker, you can choose the location and it will show you exact search volume with Global search volume and ranking.

6. Microsite Masters

Microsite Masters is very reliable for rank tracking. It provides data about which keyword is performing better in the SERP and which one is not performing well. You will be able to take action for the next step.

7. Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is an awesome rank tracking tool to do all the work effectively. You can test hundreds or thousands of keywords at a time. You can make them organized by grouping them into different categories. It’ll make the process easier.

8. Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is a free tool for tracking your position or rank. It’s very reliable and it can do on-page audits efficiently. It can do competitor analysis and keyword research effectively. It works fine for local SEO too.

9. Rival IQ

Rival IQ can help you to track your site comparing your competitor. If your competitor gets more mention or followers than you or if your rank of your sites upgraded or dropped, you will be informed. It’s a great tool for rank tracking and content optimization. You can start for experiencing fun with this tool.

10. Search Latte

  • Category: Free rank tracking, technical SEO, and content optimization tool
  • Official Website:

Search Latte is a free tool to check your rank for any specific country. If you want to know rank metrics of 150+ international Google, you can use this easy tool. It will provide you data with your desired location or country within seconds. You have no need to uses proxies or VPN’s.

11. SEO Rank Monitor

SEO rank monitor can check your ranking system. Similarly, it provides rank tracking of your keywords comparing your competitor. You can also use it for checking YouTube rank checking. It provides individual search metrics of the keywords and it divides the data for desktop or mobile. It also analysis your competitor behinds your keywords.

12. SERanking

SERanking provides quality rank tracks with thousands of SEO audit. It helps to check the white label of your site. On the other hand, it ensures rank changing of any keywords. Similarly, it provides keyword suggestion.

13. Serpfox

Serpfox is a great tool for tracking the rank of your site and similarly, it provides notifications when occurs any major changes in your ranking. On the other hand, the UI is very satisfactory and it can be managed very easily.


SERPs is a complete solution for keyword research and rank tracking. It provides you the suggestion for content optimization. On the other hand, if you change any major issues like title or meta or heading, it will inform you after one week or later about the effects. Mind Blowing.

15. SERPWoo

SERPWoo is an awesome rank tracking tool for receiving data about the changing your ranking over time. If your rank is upgraded or downgraded, you can also check it from here. They provide a feature named “Volatility” and it provides your data or signal if it is stable or changing.

16. Sistrix

Sistrix is a premium quality multiple features keyword research tool. It provides sites ranking stats and backlink info. On the other hand, it checks social signal or effects on your site. Important to realize, it provides profitable keyword suggestion which you are not using but ranking your competitor.

17. WebCEO

  • Category: Recommended rank tracking, technical SEO, and Keyword research tools
  • Official Website:

WebCEO is an important tool for doing a lot of SEO audit. You can get keyword research. You can do mobile optimization and be solving technical SEO. On the other hand, you can track the rank of your site and you can also compare your competitor. It provides a simple SEO setup of your websites. It checks and helps you to set up some basic SEO step for your site.

18. Wincher

If you want to reduce your budget for SEO audit or rank tracking, you can use this tool. Wincher helps to get rank tracking freely by weekly reports and it can track 7 keywords of your website. If you migrate it into premium it will provide your daily updates and unlimited keywords access. Not too bad using free for small business owners.

19. WordTail

WordTail is an another rank tracking tool for expert users. It can track unlimited keywords for analyzing and checking for the rank. It makes the group, analysis the competitor and provides details reports for every keyword. You can get it mostly useful for tracking rank.

20. IP Vanish

  • Catagory: Content Marketing or Link analysis tools
  • Official Website:

If you want a tool to get updated from present market IPVanish is a reliable VPN that is worth for checking out. It has a big network of servers that provide you fast & reliable connection from anyplace in the world. This software is so simple and straightforward, so no trouble happened while getting it figure out. But you have to mind it that help can’t be gotten instantaneously with IPVanish.Though customer service is 24/7, you have to wait for the email for the response. It may take a few hours while using IPVanish. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebooks, Windows Phone, Ubuntu & more. You will get the two-week guarantee, so it’s a good option for checking out on SEO research.It secures connection & encrypts browsing, but it makes easy to spoof your location by a simple click of the mouse.

Content Optimization Tools

1. Bloomberry

  • Category: Recommended free content optimization and keyword research tool
  • Official Website:

Researching and finding the right keywords for you for your visitors is not so easy. Bloomberry has made the process under control. It provides you tons of profitable and low competitive keywords ideas considering the different forum, Reddit, and Amazon reviews. It helps to find the question which is asked by the users and they are waiting to know it.

2. BuzzSumo

  • Category: Freemium Content optimization and keyword research tool
  • Official Website:

BuzzSumo is a must need tool for the digital marketers and it works as like winning the game by providing profitable and trends keywords. It can also track view shares of your desired keywords. On the other hand, it helps you to know when this keyword is mentioned to other.

3. Can I Rank

Can I rank is a great for tracking and achieving the desired rank of SERP. It tracks your competitor and provides how you can complete them. On the other hand, it provides domain or page authority and on-page SEO metrics and it can help to go the next step.

4. EpicBeat

EpicBeat can provide your competitor analysis and especially it offers content competition of your competitor. It can surely help you to find out the latest trends and content according to your keywords. It’s very helpful who want to build the link with the influential article.  

5. Gogretel

It allows you to check if your website has been built considering Google Webmaster. Is everything working fine? That means it will provide you total on-page SEO analysis.

6. Impactana

Impactana has been built following the BuzzSumo stats. Buzz provides content ideas according to likes, shares, and signal in different social media. On the other hand, Impactana provides you long-term engagement of the content considering comments, backlinks, and other important factors.

7. Keys4Up

Keys4Up can help you to get keywords ideas and search metrics. It helps you to get long-tail keyword and which one is profitable and easily possible to rank.

8. LSIGraph

LSIGraph is a tool for generating LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Google takes care of this types of the keyword when ranking a page. For this reason, you can generate tons of eye-catching LSI keywords by entering the keywords here only.

9. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is a very effective tool for analyzing the content. It checks the high-quality content with your keywords and analysis if you are missing anything important similar words which are helping the competitor to rank on the SERP. So fantastic to find out LSI keywords and it can surely help us to outrank the content.

10. nTopic

nTopic is a content optimization tool and helps to make the content more SEO-friendly. It helps to find out relevant keyword according to your competitor and you can use it for optimizing the on-page SEO.

11. which is now ‘Ryte’ is providing different SEO services including keyword research and content optimization. It helps to find out LSI keywords and it can surely help you to optimize your on-page.

12. Positionly

  • Category: Paid content optimization, technical SEO, and rank tracking tool
  • Official Website:

Positionly is an SEO tool which provides on-page SEO check and it helps how can you solve them. It analysis all the things page by page and provides more accurate data.

13. QuickSprout Website Analyzer

Category: Free content optimization and technical SEO tools

Official Website:

Quick Sprout is a reliable tool for analyzing your writing content with technical SEO. You have no work to analysis with Quick Sprout. You have to just connect your website with Google Analytics and it will do all the things for you. It checks web site speed and social shares. It also provides website visibility info of your site. It also provides what is the next step and you can download the reports.

14. Schema App

Sometimes it can be confusing to you about schema markup and this tool can ensure you all the things are working accurately and you can stay safe.

15. Scribe by Copyblogger

Scribe works to complete the on-page SEO checkup and techniques for content marketing. It helps to test your content and provides the report about on-page SEO and how SEO-friendly it is. On the other hand, it provides the report about readability and if it can go with Google perfectly.

16. SEO Mofo

SEO Mofo helps you to know how it will be on Google after publishing it. It will help you to change the words and add call to actions for increasing CTR.

17. SEO Plugin By Squirrly

Squirrly helps you to check if the content is optimized well. It provides readability score and analyzes issues about SEO. It has an innovative feature that it works for keyword research among the WordPress editor. It provides instant stats about the keywords and LSI.

18. SEOptimer

If you want a quick solution and check of your site’s on-page SEO, you can try SEOptimer. It checks all the issues of your website and pages and provides the report to solve it.

19. Slerpee

Slerpee is a free tool to check how it will appear in the search engine including Google. You can call it as the live preview tool. It will help you to change some words and it will surely help you to increase CTR of your page.

20. Solo SEO

  • Category: Paid keyword research, content optimization, and technical SEO tool
  • Official Website:

Solo SEO is an SEO audit tool and it also provides on-page SEO and content optimization facilities. It helps you to promote your site and getting backlinks with right keywords.

21. Structured Data Markup Helper

Creating structured data markup in the right way is not so easy as you think. But you can do this challenging work from Google itself. When is Google helping you why will you try to finish it with hesitation?

22. Text Tools

It’s an amazing tool for content optimization with profitable LSI keywords. It checks the top 10 results of the SERP and generates LSI keyword. It can help you to get ranked on the search engine for proper optimization.

23. TrendSpottr

TrendSpottr is a great tool for content marketing. It shows you the trends of twitter or other social media according to your website keywords. It helps you to promote content very effectively.

24. Upcity

  • Category: paid keyword research and content optimization tool
  • Official Website:

Upacity is a keyword research, content optimization, technical SEO and backlink analysis tool. It helps to know if your website is SEO friendly and if it is working fine in every factor. It will recommend you some must-need features for optimizing your content and promotion.

25. YoRocket

YoRocket is an amazing tool to generate eye-catching title and description. It will surely help you to increase the CTR of your website. It also helps you to compare titles to use the best one. For improving CTR, titles and meta description is very important.

1. Ahrefs

  • Category: Paid recommended backlink analysis and keyword analysis tool
  • Official Website:

Ahrefs give you the chance to check a domain, subdomain or exact URL & how it ranks in Google. If you put the keyword into the Positions Explorer, it will show more than 7,000 keywords that we rank for, including search volume and competition. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is very functional for generating new ones that are the entirely positive reaction.It shows a list of synonyms and related terms, alongside their volume. You can use it for backlink intelligence & SEO audits for content marketing analysis and link prospecting.

2. cognitive SEO

CognitiveSEO is a premium quality tool for backlink and keyword analysis. It provides harmful backlink ideas which are irrelevant and unnatural. It can save you from the unusual penalty of your site.

3. Kerboo

Kerboo is an amazing tool for outreaching your blog. It can check backlink and on-page SEO of your site. It helps to get link-building ideas from the competitor. It can detect dangerous link profile for your website.

4. Link Research Tools

It is a helpful tool for researching and outreaching the backlink. It can detect automatically healthy and harmful backlink for your site. It helps to find out 100% spammy backlink for your site. It can surely help you to get free from the penalty of Google.

5. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is an innovative tool for researching your competitor. It helps you to find out the possibility of your site by comparing the competitor. The tool has some unique features including “Trust Flow”, “Citation Flow” and “Clique Hunter”. It can surely help you to bring your site into a profitable business.

6. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks helps you to get backlinks info of your site. It informs you when you get a new backlink. On the other hand, it shows keyword ranking and your site speed. Another great feature of this tool, it will inform you when your competitor will get a new link. It’ll help you to outreach your links too.

7. Moz Pro

  • Category: Paid backlink analysis, keyword research, content optimization and rank tracking tool
  • Official Website:

Moz Pro is a collection of different SEO tools. All the tools of Moz Pro are reliable and accessible. It provides link analysis by Open Site Explorer. On the other hand, it’s also popular in keyword analysis and on-page optimization. It provides search results according to Google and it gives keyword difficulty score, which can help you to choose a keyword.

8. MozBar

Mozbar is a popular choice among SEO tools. In two ways, you can be able to use this extension. When you search in Google for a specific keyword, Moz bar will display statistics below for each of the search result. To know better info for the competition you can see the page authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) of the pages. You can also use the button beside the Google search bar to get a keyword difficulty score. Another way is when you use Mozbar is for a web page, you’ll see a bar pop up including the page’s overall status.It’s a useful extension, but it relies solely on (OSE) data that is considered as shortening its arena. OSE’s database is smaller and slower so it may be lengthy time.

9. Open Link Profiler

If you think you want to get a free quality backlink analysis tool. Open Link Profiler deserve it. It helps you to get all types of backlink with a single click. But if you want to get some more premium features including on-page SEO and site audit, you can try their premium version. But for backlink analysis, it’s enough to stay in the free version.

10. SEO PowerSuite

It’s a super-helpful desktop based SEO tool for backlink analysis to keyword research. Actually, it can check and perform for all type of major issues in SEO.

11. SEO Tools for Excel

You can tell it the best SEO tools for excel. It performs all the data within the excel sheet. It takes the data help from Ahrefs and Majestic API. For this reason it can able to provide reliable metrics for SEO.

12. SEO Weather’s Bulk Metrics Checker

It’s an important tool for technical SEO to get domain authority and page authority for tons of websites at a time. You can provide a list of URL and it will show you PA and DA within seconds.

13. SEOGadget for Excel

If you need to export data from Moz and Majestic tool for offline researching or idea generating, you can do it easily by this tool. It exports data into a spreadsheet.

14. SEOquake

A powerful toolbox for the browser. It’s a free plugin provides key SEO metrics. You can use it like SEO Audit. SEOquake allows you to review all the key metrics in a heartbeat, analyze SERPs and export the results in CSV format. You can estimate keyword difficulty instantly and also set parameters for a search query. It will enable you to run a complete SEO audit of the web page, including a check for mobile compatibility. Moreover, you can check social statistics for Facebook and Google+. It is also expert to provide a full report for internal/external links determining a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list. Here, you can found extra criteria as it can compare URLs/domains.

15. ShareMetric

ShareMatric is a helpful tool for getting social share metrics freely. You can also get Google keyword ranking stats and connecting ideas from here, but you will need to provide SEMRush or Moz API.

16. URL Profiler

URLProfiler can be used for auditing content, backlink monitoring, link prospecting, diagnosing SEO penalties, extracting big data, look up social data, searching contact details & more. It’s Simply awesome. Mostly used for link classification and competitive analysis. It integrates various tools like Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Copyscape, SEMRush & uClassify. It can be configured to complete different tasks & can look up high volumes of data for thousands of URLs just in 1 click. It is so powerful according to an analysis tool.

17. WebMeUp Backlink Tool

WebMeUp is very helpful for getting original backlink analytics from millions of keywords. Everyday it is crawling tons of website

18. Xenu Link Sleuth

  • Catagory: Backlink Analysis Tool
  • Official Website:

Xenu Link Sleuth is a site crawler and famous enough among the best SEO tools to crawl website from any broken link. Xenu’s Link Sleuth can be downloaded freely. It can run on all versions of Windows without Macs. You can apply it in different SEO-related issues. Link verification can be done on links, images, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, frames, plug-ins, scripts and java applets. You can sort out updated list of URLs sort by different criteria at any time. The additional features are simple user-interface, re-checking broken links, report format, Support SSL websites, Detect and report redirected URLs, Sitemap. Finally, it will give you an output report that highlights all broken links to your site.

19. SEO Auto Linker

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The SEO Auto Linker plugin is a fantastic solution to the internal linking problem. It’s one of the best WordPress SEO tools that are encouraging visitors to stay on-site of your internal linking. SEO Smart Links plugin links words and phrases automatically in your posts, pages or custom type content. Just click on the link button on WordPress text editor, linking it to existing content, and you will find the article you wanted linking. SEO Auto Linker completes the rest.

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Wrapping it Up…

Finally, you can choose you desired tools to handle your search engine optimization. To lead the digital marketing field, you will need to make a reliable list of tools for you. With this in mind, I’ve tried to support your work. Don’t ignore these tools for better results. These tools can be an incredibly powerful force on your site.

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