Getting the Windows 8.1 product key for your operating system

Windows 8 has been a very popular version of Windows. Launched way back in 2012 it was known for its amazing new design that changed everything about how people looked at Windows. If you want more information about the Windows 8.1 product key, then you may be having some trouble with using your Windows software.

The removal of the Start button was the main point of discussion that happened over Windows 8. There were a lot of critics who spoke against it and also many others of its features. After this, Microsoft promised to improve things when the next reiteration of the operating system came about. And that came to be known as Windows 8.1, which you are interested in. Without the Windows 8.1 product key, it would be impossible for you to use your computer in any way you might want to.

Why people need the Windows 8.1 product key?

Anyone who is trying to install Windows 8.1 for the first time will be asked for the product key. Without one, it is impossible to install the operating system at all, no matter what is done. It is quite common for most people to have no idea what the Windows 8.1 product key is or what it can do. That is not a problem. Here are all the things you need to know about it.

It is important to remember that without a product key, you may not be able to activate or use the operating system at all. You may be able to use it in some manner by using a generic key but you are not going to get full use out of Windows 8.1 this way.

What does the Windows 8.1 product key look like?

The windows 8.1 product key is actually a 25-character code that Microsoft shares with you to activate the operating system. If you bought a physical copy of it, you will get the product key in the DVD box. If you bought your Windows 8 online, you will get it by email. Sometimes finding the product key can be difficult and you may have misplaced it or deleted the email it came in. That’s okay because you will be able to find it with a key finder program in Google itself. Running the program will help you retrieve your product key.

How to get the Windows 8.1 product key?

The easiest way to do it is buying the operating system itself. You will find it physically or online. If finding trouble to locate the product key or you need more help, giving a call to the Microsoft call centre is the best way to go about it. The staff will help you and point you in the right direction.

You can also try some of the free Windows 8.1 product keys that you will find online. But there is no guarantee that any of them will work.

Features in Windows 8.1 you should know about

This version of Windows has got accolades as well as brickbats. Here are some of the new features it is equipped with:

Boot to the desktop

The desktop remains one of Microsoft Window’s most redeemable features that it is known for. People find comfort in starting their workdays with the desktop and so the tiles start screen that Windows 8 was launched with did not find a lot of enthusiasm among users. But you can easily bypass the tiles start screen by booting directly to the desktop. To make this happen, first you have click on the Desktop tile, and then you have to right-click any place on the taskbar, after which you will have to select Properties. Click on the Navigation tab. You will get a box that tells you to check it if you want to go to the desktop instead of the Start tile screen when you boot up your computer.

The importance of default apps for user comfort

If you are looking for the Windows 8.1 product key, you will also have some favourite apps you want to use. Though Internet Explorer has improved well over the last few years, it is very possible for you to not be comfortable using it. You may want to use other default apps for web browsing and now you can choose to have your favourite web browser as default.

Using the Star button

If you have been using a Windows computer for years, you may have got used to the Start button. Even though Microsoft brought back the Start button due to user demand, it is not the same as before. When you click the button, you will have the previous menu showing. If you click right on it, you will get the more traditional options you are used to.

Organize your home screen your way

After you have got hold of the Windows 8.1 product key, it is important that you organize the home screen your way. This is necessary because otherwise, you are going to have some trouble using it in the way you want. For most people, comfort is everything when it comes to using a computer and if it is the same with you, you need to make sure that the home screen is just the way you want it. You can resize the Live tiles in any size you want to.

When it comes to the Windows 8.1 product key, it is best to go for the original operating system. This is because you will get the support and promise of Microsoft with it. You can also see here for more information. Of course, many people are using generic product keys to use their computers and you too can do it. However, if you do use a free Windows 8.1 product key, make sure that you never activate it.


Windows Versus Linux And Why Windows Is A Way Better Option!

Are you planning on buying a new laptop? Are you utterly confused about the best operating system between Windows and Linux one? Well, we have a solution to all your doubts and queries and confusions. While a lot of people are making the switch to Linux, in our opinion Windows continues to be the better option between the two. Over the years Windows has remained popular and will continue to remain the better option because of its standard and excellent performance. Besides performance, Windows computers also have several other benefits. Here is everything you need to know before you make your decision:

Software Compatibility For Windows Is Far More

best operating system

One of the many reasons why the Windows operating system is far more beneficial is because most software programs that are created are Windows compatible. Only extremely popular software have a Linux version of the program too. If you have to use your laptop or computer at work, the software programs that you use at work will definitely be compatible with your Windows computer.

On the other hand, getting programs that are compatible with Linux is a nightmare. You may not even be able to find most of the important software programs that you use at work for the Linux operating system. Further, if you’re buying a new computer for the family and you have kids, it is most likely that the kids will want to play lots of games on the computers. Most of the popular computer games that are available in the market are only compatible with Windows computers and not with other systems. If your child has some favourite games that he spends hours together playing on the computer, he won’t be able to play most of them if you buy a Linux Computer.

Why Windows Is The Best Operating System?

Finding Anti-Virus Software Programs For Windows Is Much Easier!

While both systems are susceptible to viruses, Linux is a little less susceptible than Windows. This doesn’t mean that Linux doesn’t require an anti-virus software. Linux as much as Windows requires an anti-virus software. Finding a Windows anti-virus software is very easy.there are several brands that sell anti-virus software programs for Windows only. On the other hand, the number of available anti-virus software programs for Linux are very limited.

Further, the efficiency of the anti-virus software of Linux is far less than the Windows anti-virus software programs. Hence, if you’re looking for a computer that won’t break down because of an unexpected virus and make you lose all your data, then you should definitely opt for the Windows laptop or computer.

Windows Service Stations Are Easy To Find

In certain parts of the world, the Linux operating system is still to gain popularity. Very few people are using this system in places like India, Africa and other parts of the globe. Finding service stations for Linux computers can be a nightmare. Windows computers have service stations at every nook and cranny. You can probably just stroll down your street and you will find a Windows service station.

If you end up buying a Linux Computer but aren’t able to find a service station on time in the case of an emergency, what’s the point? Windows computers still remain to be the preferred option globally.

Windows Is Far More User-Friendly

Another reason why you should definitely not go in for a Linux Computer is because of its complicated interface. The Linux operating system doesn’t have the kind of user-friendly interface that Windows has. The Windows operating system has been around for over 30 years. The masterminds behind this operating system have mastered the art of offering users easy and instinctive navigation options.

If you aren’t the most comfortable with technology and computers, you definitely want to go in for the Windows operating system because these computers are far easier to use. You won’t find yourself struggling to find a document or file or application when using Windows. Linux, on the other hand, can drive a person who isn’t very technologically competent absolutely nuts.

Very Limited Options In Linux Computers

Unlike Windows, there are very limited options in computers and laptops on the Linux operating system. Typically you can find Acer and certain models of Dell computers that have the option of the Linux OS. Windows operating system is available on most leading computer brands including Dell, HP, Asus, Sony and many others. You can even get laptops that fold into tablets, laptops with touchscreens and other such options on computers that have the Windows operating system. People who are looking for laptops that are more new age and technologically advanced should definitely opt for Windows laptops.

As you can see Windows laptops are far more beneficial to users in many ways. People from across the globe continue to use Windows laptops even though so many competing operating systems have come out. Windows laptops are a lot more affordable too. You can get Windows laptops for as cheap as $120. Linux Computers and laptops are slightly more expensive than Windows ones.

Choosing a computer in today’s day and age can be a very confusing ordeal. People tend to get confused and end up buying the wrong computer for themselves. Don’t let this happen to you. Windows continues to remain the favourite choice of many. Don’t get carried away with trends and opt for the operating system that you have always known and loved. Windows computers even today are used in most corporate organisations and educational institutions. It is recommended that you purchase a new Windows computer only and not opt for a Linux one.



How to Start Your Own Business

Ever needed to know how to start your own business? In this short article, we will look at five prominent methods for turning into your own supervisor!

Methods On How To Start Your Own Business

Transform Your Side interest Into A vocation

Numerous business people really begin by transforming their leisure activity into an occupation. Cases of this course to advertise incorporate model prepare shops, cookery classes, specialty sites or online journals, and specialties stores. These all provide food for specialty side interests that other individuals share. This means an awesome market of individuals to pitch to that you may definitely know through expos or shows!

Transform Your Current Part Into Another Business

You most likely definitely know how to begin your own business however haven’t yet figured it out. Here’s a piece of information – do what’s going on with as of now, however not for another person! Consistently, a huge number of individuals begin a firm by stopping their old one and doing likewise part as an advisor. This is an incredible method to support your experience, show signs of improvement employer stability! However be cautious with this course. As you could without much of a stretch wind up working extend periods of time for an exceptionally requesting supervisor – yourself!

Develop Your Independent Income

Outsourcing is more well known then ever, and an extraordinary method to help your income. There is a contrast between an independent and a business, as a business ought to have the capacity to run itself without it’s owner. A consultant is the main individual who can convey the administration. In any case, you can change your limited band into a fruitful association by outsourcing parts of your support of different specialists. This is awesome for web designers or journalists who need to go up against more work.

Take care of An Issue

Have you recognized an issue that nobody has illuminated? This could be a hole in the market for you to load with your thought, which could be an item or an administration relying upon what the issue is that should be illuminated. Numerous social business visionaries begin off along these lines by settling issues in the neighborhood group or making occupations in territories where there are none. In case you’re somebody who definitely knows how to begin your own business, this can be a decent method to have a constructive outcome on your group or town.

New Innovation

Business visionaries are progressively swinging to innovation when they need to begin another association. That is to a great extent in light of the fact that there is such a major open door with things like sites, applications and ebooks. As more seasoned styles of disconnected organizations are in decrease, a site like an internet business website bodes well as it offers an extremely adaptable answer for maintaining a business. In the event that you don’t know how to begin your own business yet this is an extraordinary passage point as there are bunches of learning assets out there for this industry, also low section focuses to advertise. This is on the grounds that an online based firm doesn’t require the same number of assets like a blocks and mortar store or distribution center, in any event in the good ‘ol days.

Max Longman is a business person from Norfolk and the organizer of two fruitful new companies. He is exceptionally quick to share tips without anyone else business and appreciates helping anybody with an entrepreneurial style.


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    How to Recall Sent Message on WhatsApp in Android

    So here we are again, this time we have to discuss some really important matter if you send a message accidentally to someone, to whom you are not opting to, you could be in trouble, so let’s read how to recall sent message on WhatsApp in Android

    Let’s talk by considering a situation which almost everybody has faced.

    • You are chatting with your school friend and your sister.
    • Now you want to share a message with your friend but accidentally you sent it to your sister, this happens due do instantly coming messages in the inbox.
    • If the message is not appropriate for your sister then it will be a problem and it would be embarrassing.


    Believe me or not everyone has been in such situations in one or other time in his/her life we are here to suggest some ideas for controlling this happen.

    There are two days of this:

    1)  Offical WhatsApp App:-

    ‎            The official WhatsApp app is one of the answers for your question you can download it from the google play Store for free after the time when Facebook ever watch Sophia able to see a lot of updates even you feature and other stuff.
    ‎ In the beginning years the messages which bad accident please share bear big problem for people so Whatsapp decided to let its users have some protective feature.
    At first, this was released in a beta version. Under development, so there were bugs, it worked sometimes and not at others, later one on a stable version with this kind of feature was pushed out for use of normal people. This is having an option “Delete for Everyone”

    • If you sent something incorrectly then long press the message and then probably
    • There you will see “Delete for Everyone”option, press it.

    recall sent message on WhatsApp


    • Now the reader can only read, “This message was deleted” , thus you are safe from embarrassing problems which you would have faced before knowing this.

    • ‎You will also notice that you do see that “You deleted this message” in that message.

    How to get this feature

    • Make sure you have the latest WhatsApp version to you this feature.
    • If your friend colleague or some other friends or family members, who have already got this version, you can simply take the apk from them.



    • Though this feature saves you from embarrassing problem what if the message is Seen and already been read by your receiver before you deleted that message.
    • To apply this features successfully, you and your reader both must have the latest version of WhatsApp.
    • This feature works if you press “Delete for Everyone” within 7 minutes of sending the message, after 7 minutes there is no way of deleting it.
    • The Internet Connection or Wi-Fi Connection must be good so your actions can be conveniently interpreted.

      In one way or other, this feature would have helped you.(2) The Other Way:-If your phone is too old to get a WhatsApp update or it cannot implement “Delete for Everyone” or may Not be fast enough to save you, do know that there is a lifesaver for you!“Gbwhatsapp”This GBwhatsapp that was developed by rising technology genius, who are excellent at work, even when WhatsApp didn’t give this feature, Gbwhatsapp gave that feature to us, so it did not help.

      How to get GBwhatsapp


    • Open any browser and simply Thai GB WhatsApp you can get apk from anywhere from that page.
    • ‎Or you can use a website

    • Install the apk and use it like a normal WhatsApp
    • This is also having many features just like official WhatsApp application you can have a backup, status, stories and many other cool kinds of stuff.How to use:

    The steps to use are same as the normal WhatsApp app:


    • If you sent something incorrectly then long press the message and then probably
    • There you will see “Delete for Everyone”option, press it.
    • Now the reader can only read, “This message was deleted”, thus you are safe from embarrassing problems which you would have faced before knowing this.
    • ‎You will also notice that you would see “You deleted this message” in place of that message.Drawbacks:-


    • Though this feature saves you from embarrassing problem what if the message is Seen and already been read by your receiver before you deleted that message.
    • To apply this features successfully, you and your reader both must have the latest version of WhatsApp.
    • This feature works if you press “Delete for Everyone” within 7 minutes of sending the message, after 7 minutes there is no way of deleting it.
    • The Internet Connection or Wi-Fi Connection must be good so your actions can be conveniently interpreted.

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      5 Online Marketing Mistakes that Every Brand Must Avoid

      While the online marketers are getting an opportunity to connect with their customers and affect their decisions, there are few mistakes they are making that can be a hindrance for your online marketing strategies.  

      We were planning to set up an online marketing campaign to attract the Australian customers and for that, we needed to visit Australia to understand the market. But, to visit the beautiful country for a business purpose we needed a valid Australian Visa. An ETA visa or the Electronic Authority is an electronic permission that’s required for foreign nationals willing to visit Australia. Also called as an eVisitor, this allows foreign nationals to visit Australia only for business or tourism. All you need to do is to apply for the visa online and it’s processed electronically without the need of visiting an official or getting a stamp on your passport.

      Once we had all the documents in place, this was the time to promote our online marketing strategies to the Australian population. But, before that, we need to ensure that as a brand we must avoid a few errors. Let’s see what they are..


      Failing to understand the consumer behavior


      Understanding the consumer behavior and their tendency is one of the crucial aspects to consider if you want your online marketing strategies to be effective. You must map the consumer journey since it helps you understand their purchase decision and accordingly target the consumers. While this brings more business for your brand, it also offers an overall enhanced service experience for the consumer.


      No strategy in place


      Having a strategy in place is extremely important for before you launch that Facebook Ad, or a YouTube Tutorial. Missing this step can be disastrous for your online campaign.


      Overlooking the importance of email marketing


      Yes, they still work equally as good as any other online marketing strategies. With the evolving social media impact, emails have lost their sheen and that’s where we go wrong. High-impact dynamic emails with omnichannel experience for the consumers is what makes the entire email marketing campaign more powerful.


      Not understanding the importance of mobile platform


      Mobile phones, or rather smartphones are churning a substantial portion of the online business and hence, if you are not using the mobile phone platform yet, it can be suicidal for your endeavor. Almost 65% of the online media consumption comes from the phones these days.


      Trying all possible tactics


      Online marketing of your brand is successful when you use only one tool effectively. Trying out every possible tool or tactics will only overwhelm the team working on it, but there are high chances that you will not achieve your goals.

      Improved internet connectivity over the years has opened up a horizon for many online marketers. Whether it’s a small or a mid-sized company, brands have recognized the need for online marketing and started adopting the change. The growing role of the digital technologies is the focal point of this change. So, while you launch an online marketing campaign for your brand make sure that you have the proper Australian Visa to get the country, understand the target customers, and avoid the above said mistakes for a highly successful campaign.


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        A Virtual Business Savior: Content Delivery Network

        content delivery network

        In the todays’ world of digitization, everyone seeks for a prompt solution. The service providers, who are able to meet the increasing digital needs of people, get recognized by all, elevating the business immensely. In the endeavor to offer the quickest and most effective solution, researchers have come up with some splendid technologies. One such technology is Content Delivery  Network or CDN that has taken over the internet over the past few years. It has diminished the distance between the user and the content, making it easily accessible. Content Delivery Network by offers the finest solution by integrating with the leading CDN providers. It helps to offer the best CDN solution in a cost-effective manner.

        Why Content Delivery Network?

        Content Delivery Network accelerates the content delivery by keeping the contents physically closer to the end users. It allows the users to access the server nodes in order to download the static contents like JavaScript and images. These nodes are distributed across the globe; whose positions have been selected strategically. It drastically improves the velocity of accessing websites, contributing to the enhanced prospects of the business and accentuated user experience. The motto of CDN is to relieve the latency by offering top-notch performance irrespective of the traffic of the host website. Through CDN, the main content of a web page is distributed as a copy throughout the network. This allows the users to approach the nearest CDN server, saving ample time and effort. This also reduces the pressure on the host server.

        How Does CDN Work?

        CDN is basically a network of geographically scattered servers. Each of the CDN nodes, also known as edge servers, caches the static contents of the specific website. The static content includes CSS/JS files, images, structural components, and more. Apart from static contents, there are other types of contents, dynamic and streaming contents. The most of the page load time of the end user is spent on restoring the aforementioned contents. Hence, it is logical to distribute the building blocks of a web page to a maximum number of CDN nodes. This is distributed across the world, making it highly accessible to the users from any part of the globe.

        Once a user requests to access a site, it is carried to the nearest edge server. The nearest node delivers the cached static contents of the web page. This ensures reduced latency due to the shortest distance traveled by data. This attribute contributes to the quickest site experience.

        Architecture of the Content Delivery Network

        The architecture of the Content Delivery Network is built on a few key components, which are as follows:

        • Delivery Nodes– It comprises of caches that have one or more delivery applications and are deployed close to the end users. It delivers the contents to the consumers in the fastest way possible.
        • Storage Nodes– The primary purpose of this node is to offer data to cache and enable tiered caching along with protection to the main servers.
        • Origin Nodes-This is the host source for the content and is deployed within the network of the operator.
        • Control Nodes– It routes, monitors, and manages the components of CDN.

        The number of servers and nodes that combines a CDN varies greatly. The criterion that affects the selection is the architecture. Some of the CDNs reach thousands of nodes along with countless servers on various remote Points of Presence or PoPs. Other CDNs have smaller units of geographical PoPs. Hence, the selection is made on the requirement of the host server.


        Salient Features of the Content Delivery Network

        CDN is a boon to the businesses that look forward to enhancing the online user experience. The e-commerce companies and media enterprises are benefited in a great way with this splendid technology. Even the live streaming sites can enjoy supreme perks from the technology as it reduces buffering. It is basically an umbrella term and offers various services like software download, acceleration of mobile and web content, video streaming, managed or licensed CDN, and more. Some of the salient features that make CDN one of the best choices are as follows:

        • Improved page load time
        • Reduced bandwidth cost
        • Enhanced availability of the content across the globe
        • Accentuated user experience that leads to satisfaction and improved scopes of business
        • Boosts search rankings due to the abundant availability and fast access of the web pages
        • Improved performance of the mobile apps
        • Saves the cost of buying an additional software as well as hardware for the server
        • Reduced latency
        • Diminished network load
        • Offers security against the Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS
        • Seamless and fast delivery of image, audio, video, and graphics-rich contents to the users
        • Interactive websites can be built and the clients are not lost due to latency concerns
        • Static contents, which are distributed among numerous edge servers are safeguarded with the help of SSL and other options
        • Higher traffic management

        CDN offers 250 milliseconds of web page load time. This quick action is the reason behind the success of the CDN from the other standard hosting services


        Content Delivery Network comprises of various web servers of distributed networks that are designed to present prompt delivery of the contents. This not only enhances the availability of the web pages but also hikeS the speed of acquiring them. It makes the businesses more scalable and opens the scopes of growth in a huge way. Content Delivery Network by offers the ultimate solution to all the latency concerns of the web page. Whether it is the fastest content delivery or the region-specific delivery, has a perfect solution to every scenario.

        Apart from the static contents, it also delivers the dynamic contents to the end users within the fastest span of time. The expert manpower designs bespoke solutions to fit every exclusive need without any exception. They are even open to discuss any technical concerns so that the most effective solution can design fruitfully. Let the finest technology pamper the websites with the maximum perks along with the proficient manpower in a cost-effective manner.


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          Tech Alert Australia- The Best Utility Apps that Make your Life Worth Living

          Apps are the latest lifestyle essentials helping users meet their needs based on their requirement. Whether you are a backpacker finding his way to a location in Australia, someone who wants to stay on top of breaking news, want to engage your children with fun educational apps, or want to track your expenses automatically, users indeed have options galore. We have listed the best utility apps compatible with iOS and Android and that can make a lot of things much easier while you are in Australia.

          Must have apps for Australia visit

          If you are planning to visit Australia soon and if it’s the first time, you would need some guidance from an expert. Before even we get in to other details on how to explore the country on your own, you need to know the crucial part, that is, how to get into Australia.

          The first step is to get an Australian ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) to be able to enter the country as a tourist or as a business visitor. This authorisation is for short term stays and does not include working permit in Australia. As a foreign resident, you must apply through a reputed website and hold a passport from any of the countries listed in the website, a valid email address and a credit card. So, if you are travelling to Australia without the valid documents, you may be refused entry or face delays unless your identity is established and the claims to enter Australia are validated. For more details on how to apply and the rules, please visit here.

          So, for those who want to fly down to Australia and make it self-discovery trip, below are some of the apps that can be extremely handy.

          Webjet, Free

          This is a multi-utility app that helps tourists book their flights, find hotels and hire a car all at one place. This saves you that added time spent searching for all of these on the internet.

          Sydney Australia Official Guide, Free

          If you are in Australia, there’s no missing Sydney. From shopping destinations, looking for attractions, or finding the best food, this app offers just the right help you need to discover Sydney.


          The only way to get a taxi in Australia is via Uber. Book a cab in advance or in moments, pay in card or cash, and a have hassle-free ride anytime anywhere.


          Download this app that offers you complete beach and water safety functions along with real-time details on different beaches across the continent.

          Zomato, Free

          This foodie app is the ultimate alternative to get information on the best of the meals in any country. Read reviews, check menus, and find your food joint accordingly.

          Australia on the cheap

          From money saving tips and finding over 450 attractions that are free to visit to recommendations on best places to camp and stay, it’s that ultimate app that can help you save those added bucks.

          Must have apps for backpackers

          Visit by Road

          It’s a website that helps you plan your road trip in the most efficient manner. Not just that, you can also share your itinerary, look for hotels while on the way, and explore any hidden destinations or events that may be of your interest.


          From, amenities or services, to points of interest, sights or the local information this is hands down the best app for GPS navigation that can also be used offline.

          There’s nothing like Australia

          Get access to hundreds of videos, interactive images, and travel stories inspired from real life with this app that makes your road trip a memorable one. You can also find places to stay, information about the town among other features.

          XE Currency App

          This app is useful whenever you need help with currency conversion anytime, anywhere.

          Google Translate

          Any foreign country would be a familiar place in minutes when you understand the language they talk with this app.


          When heading to Melbourne this one app would be extremely handy to locate the best food and drinks in town by finding out the most famous restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes.

          Must have apps for your news interest

          Keeping up-to-date with daily news is a healthy habit that many nurture and so, an app that helps you stay in sync with the all the breaking news is a must.

          Google Now

          This app needs no introduction is one of the smartest apps that can help you stay updated with latest news via push notifications.

          AP Mobile

          Get the latest news directly from the source – Associated Press, and stay in sync with timely alerts that’s unmatchable.


          The most innovative news app ever, that collates news from Twitter and Facebook shred by your friends and even filter the news headlines depending on its relatability and popularity.

          Must have apps for kid’s education

          Going beyond the mundane tried and tested ways of educating child can have its own benefits. Make use of the latest gadgets like, Tablets, iPads or smartphones to download these apps that will be fun for the kids while learn.

          Endless Reader

          Perfect for kids aged 5 and under, this app helps develop literacy and reading skills of the child by introducing “sight words”.

          Wizard school

          If your kid is between the age group of 6 and 8, this is an app that infuses the much-needed interest and creative thinking across many subjects like, languages, science, sports, and geography.

          Quick Maths

          For kids aged 9 to 11, this app helps improve their math skills with an added focus on self-improvement.

          Must have apps for budgeting and tracking expenses

          Thanks to evolving technology, that keeps your spending habits in control with the help of budget tracking tools and apps.


          This is the ultimate financial app in Australia that capture your complete financial scenario. From gathering information on your expenses from your credit cards and bank transaction to helping you reach your financial goals or manage your bill payments, this app is all what you need in this financial instability. The best part is, it comes with a money back guarantee.


          This is a pretty simple app and is rather a basic budget tracking tool that gets all your transactions in one place to keep a track of all your expenses and even analyse your transactions.

          Track My Spend

          This is an app, created by the Australian Government, that’s not connected with your bank account(s) because many are not comfortable with the idea. It allows you to enter your details manually just as you would write down on a diary and keep track of the daily expenses. That’s so simple and with no complications attached.

          Thanks to technology for gifting us these apps, that mot just make life easier. Also technology takes away the need of added resources like a laptop, diary, stationery, and even a book. It easily replaces the physical items to help us keep away from the clutter and the bewilderment. So, get your Australian ETA today, download these apps, and enjoy the beauty of Australia.

          Still, have questions in mind? Or want to get a call from us?

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            Can we download iMessage on Android?

            If you are someone who has recently shifted from Ios to Android or someone who has friends who use iOS, then by now, you must have realized the importance of iMessage. This is an application which is only used by Apple users. Apple users use this service for sending messages from their iPhone with the help of their Apple ID. There are a number of applications available like that of Whatsapp and Hike, but users who have used iMessage for a very long time tend to get attracted towards it. iMessage also provides end-to-end encryption, helps in the transfer of files, and also provides you with cross-platform support. Also, this application has a very simple layout and the user can directly send a message.

            All the Android users will now be able to use iMessage on their phone. This can be easily achieved with the help of an application known as Pie Message that allows Android users to use iMessage on their phone. This application is not developed by Apple, instead it is an open- source project that gives customers access to iMessage on their Android phone.

            download iMessage on Android

            For all the Android users, there is a catch to it- You need a Mac. For using Pie Message, a special kind of server is required that will help you to send messages to an Android device. Mac is the one that will handle all your workload in this case. This Application is easily available on GitHub. Though this application is available now, there is a fair chance that Apple might block this application in future. One of the most important reasons being the security threat. Pie Message will help you stay in touch with your friends and relatives who are already using iMessage.

            How to Download iMessage on Android Device?

            1. Start by downloading iMessage on your Android device.
            2. Your messenger will start downloading.
            3. When the download is finished, you have to connect the file in your Android mobile with your PC or laptop.
            4. After doing this, the file has to be transferred to your mobile phone.
            5. The installation process will start.
            6. When the installation process is complete, you will have to verify your mobile number.
            7. If you download the application straight away from your mobile phone, then you can easily verify your mobile phone number from there. But you can do this only if you allow your device to install this application from an unknown service.

            You can now start using iMessage on Android device. Before that, it is important for you to know the difference between your iMessage and your normal Android message. The best differentiator in this case is color. If the message that you just received is in green colour, then it means that it is a standard message and in case, the color is blue, it means that the message is an iMessage.

            In case the above method does not work, visit this blog post or follow the steps given below.

            1. Download Android SMS sync on your Android phone.
            2. Create an account on the same.
            3. Open Messages Application on your Mac.
            4. Click on the Messages menu from the top bar and Add Account.
            5. From that list, select Other messages account and then click on Continue.
            6. A field box will appear. You have to fill the same with the required information.
            7. Now the setup is completed.
            8. Go to Sync Message, you will see an option of New Message. Click on that.
            9. Start typing the message and start sending it your contacts.


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              Employee Monitoring Software / Apps: An Expense or an Income Generator

              TheOneSpy cell phone spy app is a complete remote monitoring, employee tracking, spying app that is costly but it has multiple uses. It is definitely an asset as firms – be it a little wander or an extensive one – regularly needs to stress over their workers. Dealing with a workforce can be a troublesome employment. Controlling data and information spills, guaranteeing representatives’ are working and not squandering time, taking care of organization assets effectively – these are all issues that businesses need to handle consistently. This is the place TheOneSpy comes in. It gives you all of the data you have to make sense of what your staff is doing.

              For a few proprietors of organizations, observing their workers is something superfluous, the cost of which is additionally an additional weight. Be that as it may, checking of workers can realize various advantages for entrepreneurs which can help them change their perspectives seeing this point too. Watching an assortment of exercises which representatives lead can give managers a superior thought regarding the path in which their representatives are working and help them achieve an all the more clear viewpoint. One of the courses in which this should be possible is to hunt down any errors which might be submitted. Doing as such can help different managers to comprehend where their representatives are missing and turning out badly. This was additionally moved down by the Houston Chronicle which expressed that such frameworks utilized for observing workers can help managers comprehend their wrongdoings and the ranges in which these may happen. By spying app for android what the representative wronged, the entrepreneur can then address the issue at a later date by addressing the worker by and by or maybe approach the matter in a survey. Bringing up the error that was made instantly after it was conferred won’t help both of the two which is the reason some time must be taken before the matter is investigated. Now and again, botches made on the benefit of the worker are not because of his/her blame but rather could be because of falsehood. If so, the observing frameworks set up would have the capacity to bring up where the deception is happening which would permit the slip-up to be altered to guarantee representatives later on don’t commit comparative errors.

              Workers can likewise profit by the observing frameworks set up. As indicated by the Houston Chronicle, this is conceivable on the grounds that it would permit the business to educate his workers regarding their quality which would support their spirit. It would advance urge them to improve at work and giving them the consolation expected to enhance them. Along these lines, the observing framework does not just concentrate on the shortcomings of the workers and where they might need as far as execution however it additionally permits bosses to make sense of where they might do well.

              Wellbeing is another viewpoint which can be observed through the framework. Contingent on the sort of business that is being run, video observing frameworks can be utilized to comprehend where wellbeing is missing and where facilitate measures should be taken. In the event that through the video checking framework, a business discovers that his laborers are not wearing the proper apparatus amid development work, he can take care of the issue before it advances into one which may turn out to be much harder to handle at a later stage. Another angle which can be centered on through checking frameworks is the efficiency of laborers. Through the framework, businesses can see the profitability of their laborers and take a gander at where they might utilize work hours for individual time which once found, can be wiped out.

              In conclusion, observing of workers is likewise essential for bosses as it helps them remain at the highest point of their advanced bend. With organizations starting to depend incredibly on innovation, administrators ought to know about the acts of their representatives be they negative or positive. Whether the checking framework is utilized to watch out for the representatives while they make utilization of the workplace phone or the PC, bosses will have the capacity to watch continually what their specialists are doing. Hence their investments and business can be ensured to receive continuous profits.


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                Why Should Parents Embrace Parental Control Apps for Their Kid’s Safety


                You might be thinking that there is no need for a parental control app because you talked with your kids about the use of smartphones and other electronic gadgets. But you are wrong.  Because you never know what your kids might be doing when you are not around. Even when you are around, you cannot keep your eyes always on their screen just to know what they are doing. In situations like these, parental control apps can extremely support you and your great effort to keep your children much away from cybercrimes and other inappropriate content.

                For that, you need to either let your children know about such parental control apps and why you are installing it on their smartphone or keep them in dark and let them do what they want to do and secretly keeping an eye on them. Of course,  there is no such thing as failsafe and you would still wish to talk about making good decisions with your children. The below is an outline of the various stages of protection that are available in the market. 


                —  Smartphones and Tablets

                Some smartphones come with an inbuilt basic level parental control app. But when you want to explore other options, you can check the unlimited parental control apps that are available on both Play Store and app store. Parental control apps like Family Link and Teensafe let you track every movement of your kids including text messages and social media. Even if you are not so big fan of a smartphone, Kindle Fire tablet also comes with an inbuilt parental control app of Kindle free time.

                Without such parental control apps, to monitor any of your kid’s social media accounts, you will certainly require both their username and password. And once your kids get older, either they try to fight for the freedom or just find out sneak away to explore the world that you have limited for them. In either case, it will not be a good situation. 


                —  Your smartphone’s operating system

                There are various operating systems for various smartphones such as Windows, Android, and iOS. And so is the case with desktop systems. Apple Mac Operating System and Google Chrome come with the powerful inbuilt parental control systems. In order to take a full advantage of these, you certainly need to utilize the latest version of the operating system and every user needs to log in under their profile. The good thing about this is that you do not need to pay any additional penny and they apply across the globe to every file that the desktop system accesses. 


                — Web browsers

                Web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox latest news browse the Internet. Now each of the web browsers offers various ways of filtering the content that inappropriate websites show and you definitely do not want your children to visit search sites. You can always set your own limitations that what is appropriate for your children and what is not in your browser.

                The good thing about web browsers is that they are completely free. But one you need to know is that if you have more than one on your system then you certainly need to set filters on all of them.


                — Kid’s browsers

                You might be or might not be aware of this. These browsers of a safe environment that fills your complete screen so that you are children cannot know what’s on it. They usually offer websites that are approved, games, and several other activities. Some of the examples are Kido’z and Zoodles. These browsers offer their basic version at free of cost but later when you wish to upgrade to a premium account then it may cost you some money.


                — 3rd-party apps and software

                There are a lot of potential parental control apps like PhoneSheriff and NetNanny that allow you to block websites, inappropriate content, and monitor all your children’s online activities like which website your kid visits on your personal computer or even laptop. These third-party apps also offer additional safety against viruses and malware content and will send you a precise summary of what your children do when they are online.

                However, for your knowledge and better understanding, we are giving you a list of the best parental control apps that will keep your child away from unwanted situations. 


                Zoodles is an amazing browser for both toddlers and elder children. The app lets parents limit their kid’s web browsing to only websites that are safe and only to locations within that website that parents have allowed by setting the options in the browser. At times, even when the content is safe there will be some adult ads that pop out of a website. But this app lets parents restrict and keep an eye on their kid’s activities within the browser too. This app works well even for parents who want to limit and let games and videos within the browser.



                PhoneSheriff offers a lot for parents who are concerned about their children’s smartphone activity or any other gadget for that matter. It provides an amazing piece of mind to all those parents. This app has the capability to track the location of the smartphone, check all text messages and even call log. The app blocks all the text messages and call from particular contacts. It offers a real-time GPS tracking and tracks all the pictures that have been taken with the device, maintains browsing history. Also, it shows all applications which have been lately installed on the smartphone.



                Parents feel a lot of stress especially when their kids reach their teenage. This app is one such rescue option that will help to reduce the parents bothering about the children. Teensafe monitors and logs every activity that has been done on the smartphone. It lets the parents view their children’s online activities. Right from checking their call log and text messages to internet history, parents can do a lot with this app. After installing, the app lets parents view all kind of messages both text and text messaging apps. This app is pretty compatible with both Android and iPhone smartphones.

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