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Training Schedule – PHP Basic Course
Session Title Details
Session 1 Introduction Introduction to www, History
Understanding client/server roles
Apache, PHP, MySQL, XAMPP Installation
Session 2 PHP Fundamentals PHP Basic syntax, PHP data Types, PHP Variables, PHP Constants, PHP Expressions, PHP Operators, PHP Control Structures, PHP Loops
Session 3 PHP Arrays PHP Enumerated Arrays, PHP Associative Arrays
Array Iteration, PHP Multi-Dimensional Arrays, Array Functions
Session 4 PHP Functions PHP Functions, Syntax, Arguments, Variables, References, Pass by Value & Pass by references, Return Values, Variable Scope, PHP include(), PHP require()
Session 5  PHP Forms PHP Form handling, PHP GET, PHP POST, PHP Form Validation, PHP Form Sanitization
Session 6 PHP Cookies & PHP Sessions PHP Cookie handling, PHP Session Handling, PHP Login Session, Managing user ACL
Session 7 PHP Strings Handling Strings and Patterns, Matching, Extracting,  Searching Replacing, Formatting, PCRE
Session 8 Assessments Based on topic covered
Session 9 Basic MySQL, Simple SQL queries Database basics, Indexes, PHP MyAdmin
Connect DB, MySQL Create, MySQL Insert, MySQL Select, MySQL Update, MySQL Delete, MySQL Truncate, MySQL Drop
Session 10 Advanced SQL query building WHERE condition, Order By, Group By,  Having, LIKE, AND OR operators
Session 11
Session 12 SQL Functions Using SQL functions AVG, COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, LCASE, UCASE
Session 13 Importing , Exporting CSV data Importing and Exporting CSV Files
Session 14 Advanced MySQL Joins ,Full Text Search INNER Join, MySQL LEFT Joins, MySQL RIGHT Joins,
Session 15 Complex SQL Queries, Full Text Search
Session 16-19 Basic Html,
css,Js & jQuery plugins introduction
Session 20  Projects Given by the Center
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