Web Development (PSD to HTML With Bootstrap) Course Outline

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Web Development Course in Dhaka

Introduction: This course offers you the opportunity to learn the basics of designing and developing a website along with a great deal of insight on what can be found on the web.  This course is aimed for those who would like to commence in the area of web design and development, those who have already an introduction to Web but want to brush up or who are seeking an alternative pathway to web and web development. Also, this course will show the students step-by-step how to build a simple HTML responsive website from PSD. The Web Development Course


Additional Information About Our Web Development Course:

  • Fees: 12,000/=
  • Class Start : 20 May 2016
  • Duration : 3.30 PM- 6.30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 16 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Friday
  • Total Hours : 48
  • Venue : F#3A, H#61, R#27, Gulshan#1 Dhaka-1212
  • Phone: +88 01737 196 111 or 01738 355 471
  • Email: contact@bytecode.com.bd
  • Skype : bytecode_bd


Web Development (PSD to HTML With Bootstrap Framework) Course Outline

Class Title Details
Class 1 Basic Concepts Introduction to Web Design & Web Development, Responsive Web Design, Used Languages, Different Environment, Database
Class 2 HTML Basic HTML Basic Syntax, HTML Elements, HTML Tags, HTML Attributes, HTML Comments, HTML Images, HTML Table
Class 3 HTML Advance HTML Forms, HTML Input Types, HTML Iframe, HTML Media, HTML5 etc.
Class 4 CSS Basic CSS Basic syntax, CSS Elements, CSS Colors, CSS Classes, Inline CSS, Outline CSS, CSS Comments
Class 5  CSS Advance CSS Images, CSS Margin Padding, CSS Links, CSS Lists, CSS Texts, CSS3 etc.
Class 6 Javascript JS Syntax, JS Varible, JS Operator, JS Data Type, JS Function, JS Output, JS String, JS Loop, JS Array etc.
Class 7 jQuery jQuery Syntax, jQuery  Selector, jQuery Hide, Fade, Slide, jQuery HTML & jQuery Ajax etc.
Class 8 PSD TO HTML PSD TO HTML Conversion
Class 9 Advance PSD TO HTML Advance PSD TO HTML Conversion
Class 10 Responsive Web Design Responsive PSD TO HTML Conversion (Bootstrap)
Class 11 Responsive Web Design Part Two Responsive PSD TO HTML Conversion (Bootstrap)
Class 12 PHP & Object Oriented PHP Basic Concepts of PHP and OOPHP, PHP with MySql, Implementation etc
Class 13 Database Part 1 Introduction to Database, Introduction to MySql, Local Servers
Class 14 Database Part 2



Server Side & FPT

Database Applications
Class 15 Introduction to Server Side, FPT, Implementation
Class 16  Projects Given by the Center

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