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Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic and increasing your sales. The importance of social media marketing for businesses and organizations is no longer questioned. It has become a worldwide trend in which helps businesses and organizations connect with their customers online and increase brand’s popularity. This course will help you to know how to promote your business effectively online, achieve better brand awareness, improved customer service, deeper engagement, and broader reach, manage your reputation, reduce your marketing costs, etc. Mahbub Osmane will explain today’s techniques and strategies that engage potential customers. Learn best practices for developing and distributing content through Social Media.


As SMMW, Mahbub Got Some Excellent Feedback

Mahbub Osmane As Social Media Expert

Mahbub Osmane As Social Media Expert

Mahbub Osmane As Social Media Expert

Mahbub Osmane As Social Media Expert

How participants will benefit after the course


Upon completion of this course, you will understand how to do marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. This course will also help you to start your Freelancing life on Offshore Marketplace like Up work, Freelancer, etc. as a Social Media Marketer. This will also help you to work for local market clients. You can also use plans and strategies for your own business if you have and you can increase your business revenues. Overall, this course will help to save your time and will help your brand to prevent Social Media Disasters.


Contents of Training:


1. Introduction to Social Media

• A true definition of social media
• social media marketing
• Branded case studies, both B2B & B2C, of successful businesses
• Why social media is working for companies today
• social media optimization
• social media marketing strategy for business
• the obstacle to social media marketing


2. Twitter

  • Twitter Basics & Terminology
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Why Twitter matters
  • Twitter Account
  • Creating Twitter Profile.
  • Twitter Profile Graphics.
  • Twitter Profile Optimization.
  • Master the 140 Character Twitter Post
  • Establishing Your Twitter Presence
  • Business Competitor Analysis.
  • Tweet with Minimal Effort Using Hootsuite
  • Finding the right people & accounts to follow in your business
  • How to search properly for information & competitors
  • Learn how to use Twitter search for specific content and lead generation
  • Using Twitter lists as a powerful marketing tool
  • Twitter Strategies for Effective Marketing
  • Twitter Traditional Marketing
  • Hashtags and trending topics
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing Monitoring Tools
  • Twitter Analytics.
  • Understanding Klout on Twitter


3. Facebook


  • Facebook Account
  • Basics of Facebook
  • Account Security
  • Account User Name.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Facebook Graph Search.
  • Edge Rank
  • Facebook Group
  • Facebook Event
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Keyword Finalization.
  • Creating a Business Page.
  • On Page Optimization – Business Page
  • Admin Role.
  • Business Page Design
  • Identify your Audience.
  • Business Competitor Analysis
  • Content Strategy.
  • Scheduling Post, Backdate Post, Event, Milestone, offer.
  • How to Target Right Audience.
  • How to Increase Engagement.
  • Facebook Apps
  • Manage Tabs
  • People Activity
  • Reviews.
  • Email Marketing
  • Check-ins
  • Invite Friends
  • Call to Action
  • FacebookTube
  • Insights
  • Business Page Analysis.
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Traditional Promotion.
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Backdoor Marketing Plan.
  • Super Marketing Plan.


4. Google Plus

  • Google Plus Basics & Statistics
  1. What is Google Plus
  2. Why are so many businesses using Google Plus
  • The Google Plus Layout
  1. Optimize a Profile
  2. Circle
  3. Community
  4. Hangout
  5. How to find relevant conversations in Google Plus
  6. Google Plus Event

• The Google Plus Page

  1. Setting up a Google Plus Business Page.
  2. Business Page Optimization.
  3. Business Competitor Analysis
  4.  Content Plan
  • Google Plus Marketing
  1. Google Plus Marketing
  2. Backdoor Marketing Plan
  3. 3rd Party Tool.

5. YouTube

• Basics

  1. Layout of YouTube
  2. How to search videos.
  3. Video Features


• Channel

  1. Optimizing a YouTube Channel.
  2. Channel Verification
  3. Video Uploading Process
  4. Video Optimization (YouTube SEO)
  5. Annotation
  6. Copyright Facts
  7. Monetization
  8. Live Events
  9. Branding
  10. YouTube AD
  11. YouTube Analytics
  12. Video Editing


• Marketing

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Back-links through YouTube
  3. Keyword Planning and Setup.
  4. Digital YouTube Marketing


6. Instagram

• Introduction to Instagram
• Navigating the layouts
• Fixing a new account
• Optimization
• Research Policy
• Photo Editing.
• Instagram Marketing.


7. LinkedIn

• The Basics
o How to use LinkedIn
o Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
o LinkedIn Degree
o Skill Endorsements
o Pulse
o How to find connections relevant to you and your industry.
o Ranking
o Introduction
o Recommendation


• LinkedIn For Business
o Linkedin Group
o Your LinkedIn company page


• Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Strategies
o LinkedIn Marketing


8. Pinterest

• Pinterest Basics
o The Layout of Pinterest
o Pinterest Business Account
o Account Optimization
o Boards Strategy

• Pinterest Marketing
o Using Pinterest in Your Marketing Campaigns
o Blog and YouTube Channel Promotion
o Pinterest Analytics


9. Content Marketing

• Introduction
o Why content is king
o Why Image is Queen
o Definition of content marketing

• Actions
o Create a Solid Content Marketing Strategy
o Content Posting Rules (80-20)
o Keyword research
o Target Audience
o Optimize your content for search.
o Publish Regularly and Timely.
o Planning Template
o Measure the success.


10. Advanced Topics

• Steps to run a successful Social Media Marketing Campaign
• Demand Marketing Policy
• Social media salaries
• How to get jobs from Marketplaces.
• Final thoughts

Resource Person

Digital Marketing Consultent
Mahbub Osmane, Social Media Marketing Trainer, ByteCode, Owner, Themexlab

Mahbub Osmane is one of the popular Social Media Marketing Trainer and also a Social Media Marketing Professional of Bangladesh with five years of experience in the Online Marketing field. He is also known as a Mentor and Adviser. Osmane started Outsourcing in 2011 and started showing his power in the Online Marketing field.

Currently, Mahbub Osmane is working for USA Clients, and he has his own IT Center, and he also has a Theme and Facebook Advertising Business also has an Amazon Affiliate Business. Osmane also works as a Marketing Adviser for few companies.


Who Can Attend?


Anyone can join who has the interest to earn currency from Marketplace by providing Social Media Marketing Service.
  •  Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Manager
  • E-Commerce Business Owner
  • F-Commerce Business Owner
  • Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Graphic Designer
  • SEO Professional



Address: F#3A, H# 61, R# 27, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212
Phone: 01737 196 111 or 01674 524 303
Skype : bytecode_bd


Date & Time:


Date: 03 July  – 30  September 2017

Time: 6.30 PM – 9.30 PM

Total Hours: 30


Training Fees:


Tk. 10000.00+VAT



Request for Registration


Certificates will be awarded to participants at the end of training
Registration Details

For Registration or additional information, please call us at  01737 196 111, 01913 189 378

or E-mail at or

To confirm your registration, Please pay the registration fee by 30 July 2016 at Office by A/C Payee Cheque or cash.

Address: 3rd Floor, House# 61, Road# 27, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212
Phone: +88 01737 196 111
Skype : bytecode_bd

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