Course Highlights

  •    What is Amazon Affiliate? How the system works? Why will we choose this as an affiliate?
  •     How will Amazon pay us? How can be setup Amazon Affiliate account.
  •     Case study: Niche selection, keyword research, Link Building, Competition analysis. On page analysis of competition site, Additional analysis.
  •    Step by step affiliate site making.
  •    Product selection.
  •    56 keyword selection + Creating structure of these.
  •    Keyword completion analysis
  •    Domain hosting selection.
  •    Web site creation & Architecture.
  •    A2Z content creation, internal + external link building
  •    Social media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Google Plus, Reditt+linkedin)
  •    Link building A2Z
  •    Marketing & lead generation.
  •    Monetization.
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