Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers

Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers. To research on your competitors or getting the new opportunities it is must to have best SEO tools at your fingertips. It is not important only for SEO specialists, but also for digital marketing manager, multi-national businessman, account manager of digital marketing firm/ digital marketing agency, Search engine marketer, even if you run your website or blog.

Previously I have written about Important Digital Marketing Tools increase ROI , but here I want to inform you about Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers.  Read the article to know update SEO tools.

 I want SEO tools that help with:

I want tools that are:

SEO Monitor 

SEOmonitor has a Google data based (not provided ) solution that brings back the lost keywords and splits the organic traffic into brand and Non-brand. SEOmonitor works as an Automatic Keywords Research tool, as it is able to identify thousands of relevant keywords and provide valuable insights such as SEO difficulty and opportunity to rank in top position. SEO monitor takes the search volume, the difficulty and the rank of each tracked keywords into consideration. The Dashboard offers a summary view of all the monitored websites and is designed to draw the user’s attention to significant SEO performance changes or site errors.

SEO Monitor seo tool bytecode

It permits to access as a user with a free account. Some selected features are free Service free, the other are charged.

Official Website:


SEMrush is a software research suite mostly used by digital marketers & PPC specialists, designed to provide businesses related data to inform marketing and business decisions. If you want to operate a business via the internet, SEMrush will make the job easier by researching the market and competition.

Contemporary Digital marketers use SEMrush to justify marketing strategies and to back up the decision with the data provided by SEMrush.


You can report back to clients about the results of their PPC and SEO campaigns by link building progress. If you are a PPC specialist SEMrush perfect for you as it allows unlimited research and competitor analysis to plan and track performance campaigns. You will be able to analyze trends based on the data provided by SEMrush.

Official Website:


This tool helps you to analyze the top results from Google and Bing and instruct you which keywords of the sites viewers want to track rank for.
This tool can be used to find out what terms of site ranks how and uncover those keywords viewers. ‘What Ranks Where’ provides useful data such as the current position, past position, position difference, search volume, cost per click value, traffic estimation, traffic cost, competition level and some results for each keyword it finds.

Official Website:


SEO Quake 

A powerful toolbox for the browser. It’s a free plugin provides key SEO metrics.You can use it like  SEO Audit. SEOquake allows you to review all major metrics in a heartbeat, analyze  SERPs and export the results in CSV format.

You can estimate keyword difficulty instantly and also set parameters for a search query. It will enable you to run a complete SEO audit of a web page, including a check for mobile compatibility. Moreover, you can check social statistics for Facebook and Google+. It is also expert to provide a full report for internal/external links determining a keyword’s density and configure a stop-word list. Here, you can found extra criteria as it can compare URLs/domains.


Official Website:

Ahrefs (Paid)

Ahrefs give you the chance to check a domain, sub-domain or exact URL & how it ranks in Google. If you put process.St into the Positions Explorer, it shows more than 7,000 keywords that we rank for, including search volume and competition.

Ahref’s Keywords Explorer is for generating new ones that are the completely positive reaction.It shows a list of synonyms and related terms, alongside their volume. You can use it for backlink intelligence & SEO audits for content marketing analysis and link prospecting.

Official Website:



Mozbar is a popular choice among SEOs. In two ways, you can be able to use this extension. When you search in Google for a specific keyword, oz bar will display statistics below for each of the search result. To know better info for the competition you can see the page authority (PA) and Domain authority (DA) of the pages.

You can also use the button beside the Google search bar to get a keyword difficulty score.Another way is when you use Mozbar is for a web page, you’ll see a bar pop up including the page’s overall status.It’s a useful extension, but it relies solely on  (OSE) data that is considered as shortening its arena.OSE’s database is smaller and updates slower so it may be lengthy time.


Official Website:

Screaming Frog 

Screaming Frog is a well-known go-to tool for SEO’s, famous for website crawler. It’s  the main objective is to save you time while site auditing. And, that is what it does exactly.While entering a site’s URL, Screaming Frog drags to look you the whole site with a depth of info about each page.

Within a short time, you will get the report data so; it must be useful & valuable to you. You will able to use it on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu and it’s free license.Under the free license, you can crawl up to 500 URI’s. But if you purchase the license, you will be allowed for more URIs to be crawled in addition to few more features.

The Panguin Tool 

Google users are anxious as your traffic can be affected by a Google Update. The Penguin tool is here to solve this problem. It will show you what was the last Panda or Penguin update. It will also show you full traffic statistics and a correlation between various sites.

If you see any data dropping after a major update, you can find it out and get feedback using it. You will also be informed how can you restore from Google’s good graces. But you have to continue your research outside of the tool.


One of is the most comprehensive SEO crawlers in present digital market. Crawling more than 100,000 pages is difficult. But Deepcrawl allows you to crawl millions of pages. I want to give here an example- If I have a list of 404 pages and want to arrange those on one page, simply I have to copy and paste the link to that page and  people will be able to see the 404 pages  In addition to that they will see those pages link and can connect through the links as well as other information. It can detect duplicate content, and you won’t face any problem while crawling on large sites.

Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers

Official Website:

Wayback Machine

This tool is incredibly simple to use. It has three major use-researching older links, tracking website modifications & using archived pages. 455 billion web pages are currently archived by the Wayback Machine, so it has proved it’s quality as SEO Tool.

If you want to use way back machine, you have to surf to and then type the Internet address on the provided search box. You can see any versions of the Web site close in your Internet address that is archived will come in a chronological list.  Then, select the version or date as your desire.  The archived version of that Web site on specific dates will appear, and you will be able to see the review.

It is license free and very useful.


You can choose LongTailPro, keyword research software, to generate more than 800 keywords collecting data from Google keyword tool. It will allow you to bring about hundreds or thousands of keywords within minutes based on root keywords at once. Freely visit Long Tail Pro Software Page to read on the benefits and features of Long Tail Pro. Today, many keyword research tools are available, but the biggest benefit of Long Tail Pro is to search for different types keywords at once.  You don’t need to waste your time by searching every option individually.  Just fix in your ‘seed’ keywords all at once, and it is ready to work.


Official Website:

If you are a business owner or online marketer, then you would like to see more people visit your website. Keyword tool will help you to make this task easier. Among recent tools, is one of the relevant keyword tools among marketers. It helps you to get 750 long tail keyword suggestions looks like your root keyword. The ranking is based on people’s searching number. This swift search makes your job easier by finding out some extra keywords based on your content. You can use it both for finding long & rich content ideas.


Official Website:

Yoast SEO

It is a complete WordPress SEO plugin mostly used by users. Here integrates all from a snippet editor and real-time page analysis which co-ordinates pages content, images titles, meta descriptions, and XML sitemaps. Yoast SEO features keyword and content analysis, Posting title and meta descriptions, meta configuration, Readability checking, Canonical, Breadcrumbs, Permalink cleanup, etc.If you Connect it with your WordPress site, you’ll see a section to fill a criteria section to do SEO for your page. Then it will be crawlable by Google.You will see the direction to improve, to change and how your content is looking for optimal results. So, you have to follow the guidelines.


Linkminer is here to make smarter decisions quickly. You can find out more details about the links while checking. It takes broken link checking to next stage. You can be able to get link & social data, to export all links from a page and to display link data of each link to the page by using it.You can utilize it to find out the number of external links on the page currently you’re viewing.Besides, you will get finally the number of referring domains, social metrics, exporting data into a CSV file.

Wikipedia Link

Wikipedia is the most authoritative website on the internet that makes Wikipedia link important for SEO. If you can create backlinks from Wikipedia to your website most probably, you get relaxation. Wikipedia link gives you links from different authoritative sites, high-quality traffic.If you want to get authoritative links continuously which brings new traffic & many links, then Wikipedia link is the right place for you. WikiGrabber made Wikipedia Link Building tactics a lot easier.

Seed Keywords

It’s very easy to use. While starting, it will provide you some great keyword ideas & will try to establish search terms. It’s an excellent free tool for research areas. It is different from others. You can see that other tools suggest links based on search data while Seed Keywords ask you it directly. Using this, you create a scenario if someone searches for your product. You can research keyword based phrase, page or according to product category. Sometimes keyword research may need human element, and you may have asked it to your consumer audience to know how they search for something. Seed Keywords would help you to create a survey and give you that feedback.

Best SEO tools For Digital Marketers

Official Website:

Google Analytics

If your website looks like millions of other websites, then Google Analytics should be installed.  Google Analytics supports you by adding new skills to understand better about web traffic. You can know the process of navigating the GA interface, understanding natively collected data and the importance of digging. Google Analytics data are comprehensive. Through this, you can monitor, prove and see the results of SEO efforts. Your campaigning, link building and changing to a certain site will be reflected in Google Analytics. Marketing needs it badly nowadays.

Bing Webmaster tool

Bing Webmaster Tool is one of the best SEO tools provides a user-friendly interface to retain multiple websites from one single account. Bing Webmaster Tools is advanced in many ways. It offers you many features on your post. This information brings mainly from Bing documentation and some firsthand experience.You can easily add a site by Bing Webmaster Tools.Firstly, log in & then enter the URL from your site’s home page and after that click on “Add” button. Now, you will be directed to a particular screen to entry basic information and sitemap URL.The Bing Webmaster tool runs like Google Webmaster tools and an important SEO’s toolkit.It will give you lot of valuable traffic source in comparison with other tools.


URLProfiler can be used for auditing content, backlink monitoring, link prospecting, diagnosing SEO penalties, extracting big data, look up social data, searching contact details & more.It’s Simply awesome.Mostly used for link classification and competitive analysis.It integrates various tools like Majestic, Moz, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Copyscape, SEMRush & uClassify. It can be configured to complete different tasks & can look up high volumes of data for thousands of URLs just in 1 click. It is so powerful according to an analysis tool.

Best SEO Tools For Digital Marketers

Official Website:


If you want a tool to get updated from present market PVanish is a reliable VPN that is worth for checking out. It has a big network of servers that provide you fast & reliable connection from anyplace in the world. This software is so simple and straightforward, so no trouble happened while getting it figure out. But you have to mind it that help can’t be gotten instantaneously with IPVanish.Though customer service is 24/7, you have to wait for e-mail for the response. It may take a few hours while using IPVanish.It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebooks, Windows Phone, Ubuntu & more.You will get the two-week guarantee, so it’s a good option for checking out on SEO research.It secures connection & encrypts browsing, but it makes easy to spoof your location by a simple click of the mouse.

Best Content Marketing Tools for Digital Marketers

Official Website:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a Google’s suite of tools to analyze & diagnose data to get a Google-friendly site.Mostly user for getting SEO information about your website from Google directly.

It is free for any website. But installing it won’t improve your SEO or any organic traffic. It is a toolset that means you can use Google Search Console to change on your website.It may be a bit difficult to understand. But if you get any chance to take advantage from Google, then why not Google Search Console SEO tool?It can give you an overview of your site from an SEO perspective.It may identify errors.Besides, you can find useful data with backlinks to your site. It can analyze your performance if there’s manual penalties & a bunch of other things.  So, you can connect it with Google Analytics for free SEO data.

Xenu Link Sleuth

Xenu Link Sleuth is a site crawler and famous enough among the best SEO tools to crawl website from any broken link. Xenu’s Link Sleuth can be downloaded free.It can run on all versions of Windows without Macs. You can apply it in different SEO-related issues.

Link verification can be done on links, images, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, frames, plug-ins, scripts and java applets.You can sort out updated list of URLs sort by different criteria at any time. The additional features are simple user-interface,re-checking broken links, report format, Support SSL websites, Detect and report redirected URLs, Site Map.Finally, it will give you an output report that highlights all broken links to your site.

SEO Auto Linker

The SEO Auto Linker plugin is a fantastic solution to the internal linking problem.It’s one of the best WordPress SEO tools that are encouraging visitors to stay on-site of your internal linking.SEO Smart Links plugin links words and phrases automatically in your posts, pages or custom type content. Just click on the link button on WordPress text editor, linking it to existing content, and you will find the article you wanted linking. SEO Auto Linker completes the rest.

Some other SEO tools that may help you

  • Buzzstream
    Official Link: http: //
  • Check My Links
    Official Link:
  • Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder
    Official Link:
  • Citation Labs’ Link Prospector
    Official Link:
  • DIBZ
    Official Link:
    Official Link:
  • Domain Hunter Plus
    Official Link:
  • Free Broken Link Checker
    Official Link:
  • GroupHigh
    Official Link:
  • GuestPost Tracker
    Official Link:
  • HARO (Help a Reporter Out)
    Official Link:
  • Inky Bee
    Official Link:
  • Linkbird
    Official Link:

Wrapping it Up

Finally, you can choose these tools like SEO monitor, Semrush, Serped, SEO QUAKE, Ahrefs, Mozbar, Screaming Frog, The Penguin Tool, Deepcrawl, Wayback Machine, Longtailpro, Keywordstool.lo, Yoast SEO, Linkminer, Wikipedia link, Seed keywords, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster tool, Urlfrofiler, I Spanish, Google Search Console, Xenu Link Sleuth, SEO Auto Linker to handle your search engine optimization in the field, don’t ignore these tools. These tools can be an incredibly powerful force on your site.

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