We are a team of digital industry leaders and innovators, driving new user experiences that facilitate the global exchange of digital information & products.

ByteCode is the #1 Digital Marketing Firm of Bangladesh. Our mission is Providing Best Digital Marketing Service & developing a world-class Digital Marketing Firm, Web & Software Solution for digital marketers. Especially For to help the young generation to build up their career with Digital Marketing & IT, as well as a Freelance Marketing & IT Service Provider. We believe in rapid & quality full service.

The followings services we provide at home & abroad:

  • Web Development & Design.
  • ApplicationDevelopment Service.
  • Domain Hosting.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Digital / Internet Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Off Page SEO and Link Building
  • Social Media Marketing / Branding.
  • Content Creation / Blog Consulting.
  • Landing Page / Template / WP Theme.
  • Targeted Email Marketing / SMS Marketing.
  • Web Research & Data Entry.

ByteLine (+8801 737 196 111, +880 1717 858 111) is always open for you. Skype: bytecode_bd . Email: contact@bytecode.com.bd

We are waiting for you to serve according to you.

Know about our skilled Members:

  • Mahbub Patwary
    Mahbub Patwary Chairman, ByteCode
  • Fahim Hasan Nir
    Fahim Hasan Nir Front-end Developer (intern)
  • Rima Rahman
    Rima Rahman Digital Marketer (Intern)
  • Marjuk Sakib
    Marjuk Sakib Digital Marketer (Intern)
  • Zubaed Rahman
    Zubaed Rahman Content Writer
  • Md Rashadul Islam
    Md Rashadul Islam Front-end Developer (intern)
  • Mizanur Rahman Hira Graphic Designer
  • Suzon Abdullah UI/UX Designer
  • Soykot Chowdhury Sr. Software Engineer

    Soykot Chowdhury is the Sr. Software Engineer and team lead of ByteCode Digital Marketing Firm’s Web Programming and Developing Team.

  • Foujia Akter Software Engineer (WEB)

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